The Bible Calendar doesn’t treat every year with the same status as the previous year. 

Thus every seventh year is a Sabbatical Year when the land must lie fallow.

God promises to give enough crops in six years to last seven, if wise use is made of the grain in the granaries.

Similarly, the year after seventh Sabbatical Year is a Jubilee Year when all land returns to its original owner, according to the tribal divisions God made in Moses’ time. Also all slaves are freed, and all debts are cancelled.

The Bible also speaks of a 490 year cycle (called the Grand Jubilee cycle  encompasses 10 Jubilee cycles with the first year after the Sabbatical Year being the Jubilee Year).

All this and more are highly significant to God and should be to us. They demonstrate the precision with which God laid out time at Creation and at the founding of Israel as a nation, and the precision with which He will fulfill end time prophecies.

To understand the precision of God’s use of time, we shall also have to consider Cursed Time (414 years – a realization that came only very recently to a calendar scholar) and Blessed Time (490 years)

Once we grasp God’s precision in the application of His Calendar, we will see deeply how completely we can rely on the Word of God in the Bible, and that reliance is the essence of Faith!

It turns out, therefore, that the study of the Calendar is one of God’s appointed means to increase and establish our faith including faith for healing, faith for provision, faith for deliverance, faith for surmounting all obstacles, and faith for walking in God’s perfect will!

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