The Prayer Page



The Lord’s Prayer Primer for His Disciples

Praying as David Prayed

Start a Prayer List

Make Prayer Presentations to God, one prayer point at a time

Diary of Miracles

Why Pray?

Stamina in Prayer

The Answer to Prayer is Receiving


Hindrances to Prayer

Sins that Hinder Prayer

The biggest hindrance: The sin of of prayerlessness


When to pray

Morning Prayer

John Wesley’s Morning Prayer Times cleared the way for fruitful days

Midnight Prayer


Where to pray

Choose a place to pray

Jesus the Messiah had His place to pray


How to Pray

Have Faith in God.

Repent, Bind, Loose, Break, Pray, Declare Victory

Ask – for Prayer is Asking

God hears and answers prayer even very short prayers

Styles of Prayer


Pray Through

What to pray for

Pray for Daily Bread

Pray for Healing

Pray for Deliverance

Pray the Victory Prayer

Pray for anything and everything you want

Pray for sinners.

Pray for the Will of God

Pray for Big Things

Pray for Miracles

All-encompassing prayer



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