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What is the Rapture?
Where does the word come from? from 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17

It Could Happen Tomorrow (must-read book by Gary Frazier)

Enoch and the Rapture
In Genesis 5, the Cemetery of the Bible, the chapter of epitaphs, one man escaped death, for “God took him”. What does it mean for us.

Elijah and the Rapture
Elijah like Enoch typifies and foreshadows the Rapture of those alive in the last generation.

Moses and the Rapture
Moses is a type of those who died and will be resurrected in the Rapture.

Lot, a type of the Rapture?
Lot wasn’t raptured; he wasn’t resurrected; but he was pulled out of a wicked city before God’s judgment consumed it

Did Jesus promise the Rapture?
He did!

Wrong thinking about the Rapure- Paul’s warning! Wrong thinking and disorderly behavior.

Acts 15 and the Rapture
Acts 15 provides a combination of evidences, from prophecy, and from the purposes of God as understood by the apostles,
that the Rapture must precede the Tribulation. God will start dealing with national Israel only after the true church has been raptured away.

The Feasts and the Rapture
Was the Rapture prefigured in the Feasts of the Lord, and do they indicate where we are today in relation to the Rapture?

Evidences of the Pre-Trib Rapture
Let’s look for that blessed hope!

Will Apostasy Precede the Rapture?

Genesis 11 to 1 and the Rapture
A possible link

Personal Impact of the Rapture 
on those left behind

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