Bioscopic Views

These are views about characters in the Bible, both heroic and villainous. They are called Bioscopic Views after the Bioscope (an early term for the cinema). Pictured below is a Vitascope (an early bioscope projector invented by Edison).

Bioscopic Views of the Bible

This section looks at the lives of men and women of faith in the Bible, as well as those who were great sinners, apostates, on whom God inflicted great punishment.

A brief word as to the selection of characters to study. Often they are characters of personal interest to me and my family, either as examples of faith and obedience, or as examples of sins to repent of, and to be careful not to fall into. In the case of the villains, some are those whose names have been (falsely) applied to me by the spiritual enemy who have used members of the church to apply such epithets to me (may God forgive them). I have determined that I will not defend myself, because self-defence leads to contention, which is contrary to the Spirit of Christ. Instead, I chose to study deeply any villain to whom I have been likened, and to ask God to show me if any of the villain’s characteristics were visible in me to His flame-like gaze, and to help me repent of such characteristic/s if so found. That, I felt, would help me be ready for the judgment seat of Christ, whenever it is my time to stand before Him.

The characters are listed in the order in which they appear in the Bible.

Bible Heroes of Faith and Faithfulness





David, Hero, Sinner, Saint





Bible Villains, Adversaries of God





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