Intercession for Israel

Till May last year, I used to place prayer points here based on what was happening in the world in relation to Israel, particularly in relation to dangers for the state of Israel as they developed.

A series of computer hiccups and crashes made it hard to maintain this site, and after wrestling with the issue for what seemed a long time, I felt I was facing the wrong direction, site-wide. I needed to spend more time praying for Israel and the nations of the world rather than just alerting people about events and perils. I needed to spend more time reading the Word rather than just studying or teaching it. I needed to ask the Holy Spirit to put His operating system in me, as I was dealing with the operating system of the computer.

I decided that rather than focusing on specific events, it would be better to give my visitors links to my favorite sites that focus on intercession for Israel.  (Arranged in alphabetical order.)

Intercessors for Israel (Ministry of Messianic Jews who live in the Jerusalem area)

Jerusalem Prayer Team (Ministry of Mike Evans)

Out of Zion  (Ministry of David Silver whom I have met personally and his wife Josie)

Intercessors for the Restoration of Israel (Intercessory ministry of Josie Silver)


Earlier prayer points

May 18, 2012: I received an email today, which is important ant timely, about the changes taking place in the Israeli government, as God roots out corruption and prepares the nation to found itself on the rock of God’s word for Israel. The text of the email can be read here

March 20, 2012: Pray that God guard Israel at this time when Russia has moved troops to Syria See today’s entries on Featured Page and Start Page.

March 6, 2012PURIM

Although these are days for rejoicing and feasting (Esther 9:18-19)-they are preceded by days of soberness of spirit and fasting. Esther 9:31 tells of Mordechai and Queen Esther prescribing times for fasting and lamentation, recalling those which the Queen had called for her Jewish subjects when their entire race was in danger of annihilation and she was preparing herself to seek the favor of the King. Purim is a season when we are especially made aware of the Spirit of Amalek, with which our Lord continues to war, from generation to generation (Ex. 17:15-16). The Amalekites were a real people, who throughout the Hebrew Scriptures epitomize and symbolize the spirit of anti-Semitism. They were Israel’s first enemies after leaving Egypt. They preyed on her, picking off the weak straggling in the rear (Deut. 25:17-19). God grants “no quarter” to those who threaten His Covenant purposes; their remembrance was to be “blotted out from under heaven.” When King Saul failed to do this (I Sam. 15), his kingdom was torn away from him, and, indeed, it was an Amalekite who in the end claimed to have killed him (II Sam. 1:6-10). Centuries later, it would be Haman, a descendant of Agag (the Amalekite king whom Saul had spared) who, as recorded in the Book of Esther, would contrive to ignite the first Holocaust. With the hatred Satan has for Israel and her redemptive call, it is indeed a divine miracle flying over her (Exodus 17:15) which has sustained her and brought her, still an entity and with her ancient language restored, back to her native Land.

This spring, the Spirit of Amalek has again arisen in Persia (Iran), whose leaders, having again prophesied annihilation of the Jews, are working furiously to devise weapons capable of bringing their prophecies to fulfillment.

Tuesday evening (March 6th at sundown) observant Jews begin a one-day fast. We would encourage you to take this season seriously. Read through the Book of Esther; perhaps the Lord may lead you to join with us in the fast. 


February 29, 2012: The coming month of March is a time of great danger for Israel when a certain rabid anti-semite would like to do all he can to “wipe Israel off the map”. The great British poet, Shakespeare put it well, “Mad call I it, for, to define true madness, what is it but to be anything but mad?” If you’ve clicked on this you are an intercessor and you see Israel from God’s perspective. I give you: Guidelines for Prayer for Israel during March 2012, from Israel Update with a link to a word from Rick Ridings founder of Sukkat Hallel, (Hebrew for :Tabernacle of Praise”), Jerusalem.


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