Kaleidoscopic Views

Kaleidoscopic Views

Picture of KaleidoscopeThis page provides entry into the part of this website that deals with patterns and topics in the Bible. 

A Kaleidoscope collects verses from all over the Bible, based on the topic, to yield a picture of what the Bible teaches on the topic.

Thix  page can be looked upon as a Kaleidoscope of Kaleidoscopes as defined in the last sentence. Topical Kaleidoscopes will be listed below. Pages that do not fit under any specific topic will be grouped together under “Other Topics”. (From time to time, “Other Topics” a group containing enough pages may emerge, and will be incorporated into a fresh Kaleidoscope.)

Kaleidoscopic Views contain links to a  number of “Pages” each of which functions as a gathering place of kaleidsopes within the topic area designated by the name of the “page”. Following the list of “Pages” you will find the current page links to kaleidoscopes that do not fit into the topic area of the “Pages”

Special “Named” Pages

The Faith and Love Page

The Prayer Page

The Page on Healing
Biblical teaching and Words from Bible days before Jesus came, Words spoken during the time He lived on earrth abd Words from the time after He rose from the dead, and sent down His Spirit upon the 120 in the Upper Room (Acts 2). Read, pray, meditate and receive healing.

The Long Life Page

The Hope and Love Page

The Rapture Page

The Heaven Page

The Love Page

The above seven pages can be reached from the menu panel on the left hand side of the page.

The Five Priorities Page


The Dispensations Page
From the Dispensation of Innocence to Eternity Future

The Covenants Page
From the Edenic Covenant to the New Covenant

The Church Page
Pages in Bibloscope that deal with the Ekklesia that Jesus founded (commonly called in English Bibles “The Church”).


Key Teachings

Principles of sound interpretation

Principles for understanding Biblical prophecy

Rules that help systematic interpretation

Importance of studying prophecy

Putting together the Prophetic Jigsaw

“Fear and Trembling”

The World’s Most Acceptable Sin

A must-read in this day and age

Revival and Awakening 
What’s the difference? and whom does it apply to? 

How to Receive and Test God’s Guidance

Who is a Christian? 
What exactly does the Bible call us Christians?

Who is a Watchman?
What is a watchman’s ministry?

The Judgment Seat of Christ 
Like the Roman Bema, a: for umpiring athletic games (Paul said, “So run that you might obtain”), and for hearing legal cases

Do you know your New God-given Name?

He Must Increase, but I Must Decrease

Three Doors of the Book of Revelation

God’s Time Measurements in current events

Ministering Angels

7 Mountains

Lybia in the Bible

Damascus in the Bible

Iraq in the Bible 
The name Iraq itself does not occur in the Bible, but it was where Assyria, Babylon, Shinar, Ur of the Chalees, Nahor, etc. were located.

Teachings related to Jewish Roots

The Hebrew Language

Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet

The Hebrew Number System  

Bible Feasts Page

Jewish Calendar, Feasts and Fasts

Aramaic the source language of the Greek NT

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