Who’s There?

Who’s there?

by Jean Brand

Who’s there, knocking at my window as the sun comes shining over the rim of the world?
Who’s there, walking right beside me as it climbs on into the sky, to noonday?
Who’s there, spilling all the colors in the western sky, the purple, the crimson and gold?
Listen! You may hear Him knocking at your heart! Take Him in from the cold!

Who’s there, walking on the waters of the sea, despite the billowing waves of the storm? (John 6:15-21)
Who’s there, calling to the winds as their Creator, bidding them “Peace, be still now!”? (Mark 4:35-41)
Who’s there, Master of the situation I can’t handle? – He only knows how I’ve tried.
Look now! Through the storm He’s walking to your boat! Won’t you take Him inside?

Who’s there, borrowing loaves and fishes from a lad whose lunch was barely enough just for him? (Mat 14:13-21)
Who’s there, spreading out the people like the flower-beds over the grass to feed them? (Mark 6:39-40, Luke 9:14)
Who’s there, offering to me the bread of life – His body, broken and bruised for my sin? (John 6:35,48)
Eat now! You will never hunger in your soul, if you let Him come in!

Who’s there, fixing us a banquet that is fit for no one under the rank of a king? (Mat 22:2)
Who’s there, coming out to greet us at the half-way mark in the sky, to glory? (1 Thes 4:16-17)
Who’s there, handing me a spotless wedding garment freely, though so unworthy I am? (Mat 22:11-12)
Come now! Everything is ready for the great Marriage Feast of the Lamb. (Rev 19:9)
Listen! Will you then be ready for the great Marriage Feast of the Lamb?
Come now! — Jesus now invites you to the great Marriage Feast of the Lamb!

Jean Brand has been a dear friend of ours from around 1975. She was a wonderful missionary in our midst at least till 1978 or 1979. Later she’d return to India on brief ministry visits. We last met her in Mumbai towards the end of 2002. We knew her as an extraordinarily gifted member of the body of Christ: a Bible scholar, artist, stage actress, play director, playwright, musician, singer, composer of poetry and songs to the Lord, and hospital nurse! (Her father, was the great Christian doctor, Dr. Paul Brand, F.R.C.S., the first surgeon ever to devise surgical procedures for the treatment of lepers. Her grandmother was Granny Brand, famous British missionary in South India.) Jean is now based in England.

When she was in India, she was in an out of our home. Sometimes she’d stay late after dinner, or overnight, discussing things pertaining to the Lord Jesus, to the Holy Spirit, to salvation, to heaven and our eternal home, and all manner of topics. One day, she told us, the Lord gave her this song. It’s unfortunate that at this point I can’t put music on the website. I hope some time either to be able to put the music on the site, or to teach it to you over the telephone or personally.

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