What Is Back of the Name

Behind His Name is the authority of God Himself.

Jesus is God become a man to die on the cross as our representative, to show us the Way to live in God’s Kingdom as a son of God, and to give us the Truth and the Life that enables us to live as His representatives on earth.
At the Name of Jesus every knee must bow, in heaven, on earth and under the earth, and every tongue must confess that Jesus the Messiah is Lord to the glory of God the Father.
The Godhood of Jesus is the heart of Christianity.
If Jesus is not God then “Christianity” is a dead religion.
If He is not God, He is not Lord, but a mere man.
If He is not Lord, then the laws that have been founded on His teaching have lost their force, the morals that surround marriage have no basis in fact.
If He is but a man, all that we have built around Him must be devalued.
He has been the inspiration of young men who have kept themselves clean and pure as they looked upon His wonderful life and sought to win His approval.
He has been the inspiration of young women who looked upon His Face and pledged to preserve the purity of their womanhood that they might be worthy of His love and confidence.
He has been the motivation of children who have obeyed and tried to keep pure because of His example and teaching.
He has been the deterrent that kept businessmen from crooked dealings because of the realization that one day they would be at His judgment seat to give account of the deeds done in their businesses.
To say that He is the highest expression of the divinity in man is an insult, is to say that He is a liar.
Jesus either is or is not what He said He was and is.
The only record of His sayings and doings are inside the four gospels.
If we repudiate these documents, we are a left with a mythical picture of the man.
If we challenge one of His sayings or doings, we have a right to challenge all of them. Either He stands or He falls on those four biographical sketches.
The position of this site is that He is the very incarnation, the only incarnation, of God, that He dealt with the sin problem by dying for sins, including my sins, and rising from the dead to give us a new life just as if we had no sin.
It is our position that as God-Man, He is the Mediator and Intercessor of the human race.
It is our position that the wave of crime and lawlessness that is sweeping across the world is a by-product of today’s rejection of Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

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