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If you’ve come here for the fist time, you will find below a short orientation to what you can expect on this site.

About Bibloscope

Before I describe what Bibloscope is about, I invite you to visit the Dedication page (which opens in a separate tab) in which I reproduce the fascinating emails of a prophetic sister who encouraged me by her visions, and her fervent intercession, specially through the long periods when there was no visible progress.

This site will be continuously under construction – a work in progress – as the Lord of Heaven gives me more and more insight whether directly or through reading and study, or the ministry of others.

Obviously, from the name, this site has to do with the Bible. Obviously too, it is about my ways of looking at (scoping) the Bible. In one sense, everything that has to do with the Bible is of interest. But obviously, this is not an encyclopedia or a full fledged commentary site. Rather, it is an intensely personal site that looks at the Bible in ways and from angles that I have found helpful for my personal needs over many years and a wide range of situations, and, I would think, would also be a blessing to others. Many of the pages here were were forged or refined in the furnace of affliction. 

My purpose is to share with you what God has taught me. Three brothers in Christ were God’s special instruments in teaching and inspiring me in the early days: to them I owe Grateful Acknowledgments.  Many insights came while reading and reflecting on the Word of God, or reflecting on books articles, and testimonies, specially testimonies of people who underwent afflictions as they sought to do the will of God, and most importantly, and most precious (to me) insights that came to me as gifts from God through my personal afflictions.

I once asked God to show me His glory and the glories of heaven, not through any sort of “near death experience”, but through meditation on the Word and what the Word teaches about Heaven. But the glories of heaven are invisible, and God had to teach me to walk by faith, not by sight, in order to free me from slavery to the old nature. I will confess here, that the old nature can be a stubborn thing, but overcome I must, and the only way is to learn through affliction to lean heavily on God, as Jacob leaned on his staff and worshiped God (Hebrews 11:21)..

In the spiritual life of a disciple, learning from the two realities of God and His Word never ceases. As I go on learning, my goal is to add pages that will cover the “whole counsel of God”. For this purpose, I will again and again visit every part of the Bible, but from a different point of view, for example, looking at a key topic like grace in the light of the whole Bible, and likewise, Israel, the church, the end times, financial issues, etc.

The site is organized into a number of “scopes” as you will see from the menu. If you hover the mouse over a menu item, you will see a brief statement of what the link is about. Click on it, and it will open a page which starts with a fuller explanation of what that section is about, followed by its actual content. Some of these scopes will have a large number of links, “Microscopic Views” is about single verses or short passages, while “Kaleidoscopic Views” will look at passages from  different parts of the Bible to cover a given topic of interest.

My emphases are Faith, Hope and Love, these three 1 Corinthians 13:13

Faith has to do with appropriating in the present something that God has provided or promised but which is currently invisible, so we walk by faith, not.by sight. Faith always deals with the two invisible realities of God and His Word.

Hope has to do with things, places and events reserved for the future: such as Heaven and the Rapture.

Faith will be replaced by sight. Hope will be replaced by possession.

Love will never cease.

You will find these subjects in the links under Periscope in the menu (The Abiding Three), and also in Kaleidoscopic Views page.

Where to begin? Begin at The Abiding Three with the Faith Page and the Prayer Page. Or the Healing Page, depending on your need (see left-panel menu). Jesus always met the person’s needs before or along with teaching on other subjects.Wherever else you start, whatever else you read, in these days of rampant deception in the churches, check out the message against the Biblical standard, be like the “more noble” Berea who checked Paul’s teaching daily. Take heed that ye be not deceived. Get alerted to the widespread danger of deception. A quotation from Anne Graham Lotz is relevant here:


Anne Graham Lotz commenting on Revelation 22:18 19::
    “While we think of cults today as groups who add to God’s Word, I wonder if there are others who do so less obviously. When people say they have ‘a word of knowledge,’ or a ‘prophecy,’ and what they say is held in the same regard as Scripture, does God view that as adding to His Word? … We are not to add to God’s Word as though it is insufficient in itself, and we are not to take one word away from it as though it is irrelevant or unreliable or unimportant or untrue!”

Once you’ve taken to heart the warning about wolves and the need to check out everything, including what’s on this site, a good way to profit by this website is to go through the menu in order, from Hot Focus Views, to Cinemascopic and Telescropic Views which are intended to bring perspective. If you are interested in specific topics, go to Kaleidoscopic Views. For specific verses, passages, or even chapters in the BIble, go to Microscopic Views.

The Calendar Cycle View gives an insight into the Biblical Calendar, which, not only helps understand the Biblical calendar references, and the Biblical timeline, but also also is itself a predictor of God’s present and future plans! Check it out.

Throughout, I have tried to adhere to principles of sound interpretation and to rules that help implement these principles systematically.

I plan to add certain  ‘disclaimers’ – humble admissions and cautions that you should read as and when they are put up. You’ll find them announced in What’s New on this site. Sola Scriptura and the attitude of the Bereans (Acts 17:11) should be your guide at all times.

I recommend you always check the following pages: the Start Here page, the Featured Page, and the Featured Site. These are updated fairly frequently, in blog style.

Last, but not least, this is an Israel-friendly site. One of my core beliefs is that Israel has been and will be at the center of God’s plan, and so all Israel will be saved and this will fully happen when God’s own Replacement Thrology comes into force and the church is replaced by Israel. Then Israel will become a light to the nations, and there will be a worldwide revival such as never happened and can never happen in church history. We need to get ready for God’s Replacement Theology to come into effect.

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