Psalm 110:3a  Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power,…

Yeshua the Messiah is the Commander of the armies of His Father, the Lord of Hosts. This army consists of angels, and members of His Body on earth.

As Commander, Yeshua is looking into the hearts of His people, seeking any who are willing to meet the challenge of the task ahead. He wants volunteers.

The Psalm says that there will be volunteers in the day of His power. From Pentecost onward, through 20 centuries, the Lord has never lacked volunteers who were ready to do what He asked of them.

In the services, they say “never volunteer, never refuse". Volunteering must be willing, it cannot be enforced. To not volunteer is not the same as to refuse. If you don't volunteer, you’ve done nothing wrong. Anyone who is not ready will not be condemned. The Lord will simply pass that person by, and there’s no shame in it. Perhaps that person is a parent, a worker, an accountant, a student… God always calls us to be the best we can be in Him, and if that is to be a fine mother to your children and to share the gospel with your neighbour, God is pleased with you: you are fulfilling your commission.

But perhaps God has for some (perhaps many) of us a commission that goes beyond being the best we can be. It is a daunting commission, to spend and be spent for some greater cause, as part of His plans to advance the Kingdom of Light and conquer the kingdom of darkness.

But the Lord will not force you into that commission. He will wait … until you come to the place of being willing to volunteer your time, possessions, energies, and even life, to His cause.

So, if your life in God is fulfilling and clean and fruitful, God bless you! Stay as you are, without any condemnation.

But consider that the Lord may have another and greater commissioning for you. Perhaps you already feel it. Perhaps you already have the dreams and scriptures and thoughts that are leading you up that path and you cannot rid yourself of the feeling that you haven't done all that you were called to do.

If that describes you, the Lord's may be waiting for you to volunteer.

And if you are thinking you know what it's all about, what’s ahead, the call and the task … if you think you know, it is more than probable that you are wrong.

Perhaps you want to volunteer, yet feel diffident that you will prove unequal to the challenge. Perhaps your diffidence goes further, and you doubt that your own character will stand the test of the trials that may loom ahead.

But remember this:

God looks on the heart, not the lives of His people as they have lived it so far. When he called Moses, what did he find in the desert? a murderer, a coward, a weakling who had run away from his calling and still needed props to do what God told him. When he came to Gideon, he found him hiding in the winepress. When Jesus rose and returned to Peter, on the surface there was a sinner, a liar, a backslider… but that was not what God saw in Moses' heart, in Gideon's heart, in Peter’s heart.

In every case, behind the failings and weaknesses was a repentant heart malleable enough for God to shape and use.

Each of them had to reach a place of being beaten (that's the meaning of malleable), a place of total brokenness and breakdown, before they could be used.

Was the human weakness and cowardice then turned to power and glory – NO! But it was acknowledged and left behind, replaced by God’s leading and will.

Paul had to carry around his “thorn” all his life because of this. God would not remove something in his life that continually humbled Paul, because it kept him in the place where God could use him.

Are you and I willing to be used by His power.

Anyone who senses this calling and commissioning (whatever it might be) needs to know they have to leave their own plans behind, and commit to God’s path, God’s leading, God’s directions, God’s power, and the flesh must die, that the Life of the Messiah might be manifest in you.

If you (like me) feel afraid at this point, this song is for you.

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