Urgent Message from Rabbi Curt Landry


Letter from Rabbi Curt Landry


Shalom! I hope that you are having a wonderful Passover season!


Christie and I recently returned from a trip to Israel where we were anticipating a word of direction from the Lord regarding His assignment for this next season.


The Lord was faithful as He always is!


Upon our return He began to speak to us through a news article about Israel's bordering neighbors, calling for a "Third Intifada!" Although it has not been widely reported, it appears that Israel's Arab and Persian neighbors are planning to rally citizens on all sides – calling for a physical march on the borders of Israel just a few short weeks away, on May 15th – calling for the destruction of the state of Israel!


And through the many Facebook pages and various other social media venues, hundreds of thousands – even millions of votes of support in favor of this action are rallying together.


After our most recent prayer assignment in Israel together with what is currently transpiring in Egypt and surrounding countries in the Middle East, we believe we must come to terms with the fact that THIS IS a legitimate threat toward the state of Israel.


It is because of this impending threat, the Lord has asked us to begin to speak into the airwaves – into the social networks – in the opposite spirit. He has calling us, the body of Christ, to Unite together with an assignment of a pure prayer – not an assignment of protest


This battle is not political – it is Spiritual!


We have created a short two-minute video that can be viewed online at www.OneNewManUnited.org. This video briefly shares what is happening in the land of Israel and is calling for Believers around the globe to stand in unity, supporting this prayer initiative scheduled for May 12, 13, and 14.


Answered prayer is our only hope for the situation in the Middle East; if war breaks out it could cripple our economies.


We are doing everything we can to send out a call for Believers to assemble together in prayer.


As watchmen on the wall for Israel, we are taking the steps below to sound the alarm. I know that your ministry is well connected, and I would like to ask that you consider doing the same. We need your help!


§         Post a link to www.OneNewManUnited.org on your personal and ministry Facebook.


§         Email your ministry list a link to : www.OneNewManUnited.org and ask them to stand in prayer.


§         Share the video on www.OneNewManUnited.org with your church.


§         Encourage your ministry contacts to share this message with their contacts (you can even forward this email).


§         Embed the video on www.OneNewManUnited.org on your ministry website.


I would be so blessed if you would consider helping us spread the word. We are honored to be a part of this prayer initiative and to support Israel in these tumultuous times. Please help us through social networking for the good of the Kingdom, the nation of Israel, and for her neighbors.


Please, pass the message on. Together, we can make a difference!


With love and appreciation,


Curt and Christie Landry


P.S. Visit www.OneNewManUnited.org to view the video, news articles and more…


YouTube Link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrlJSxCYqXA 

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