• Where is tithing found in the New Testament?
  • Must the New Testament Church keep the Law of Moses?
  • Is the local church now the storehouse?
  • Why do churches need so much money?
  • Where did the New Testament believers send their gifts?
  • Is the New Testament ministry to live from tithes?

I have been asked these and other questions by many sincere believers who are bothered by the frequent pleas for tithing from already rich pastors of already rich churches. A frequently quoted verse to establish how important tithing is to God is Malachi 3:10. So let’s turn away from what the tithe-proponent pastors teach and exhort, to what the solid rock of God’s Word, the Bible, has to say on the subject. The custom of tithing was established and practiced in the Old Testament. It was a direct command found within the laws and ordinances of God. Even before the Law that was given to Moses, the great patriarch Abraham tithed to Melchizedek. His grandson Jacob also pledged a tithe. However, it was in the Law of God (the Torah, the first five books of the Bible), that the laws of tithing were codified. The Torah governed ancient Israel and was given to them directly from Jehovah God. But the word tithe means tenth, which in modern parlance, is representable as 1/10, 0.1 or 10%. Its meaning is the same as that found in arithmetic or accountancy. In itself, it has nothing to do with that which is offered to God, the priests, or the Temple. Before studying the tithe, there are some preliminary points we should look at:

What is the Dictionary Definition of Tithe?

What is the Dictionary Definition of Income?

What is the Dictionary Definition of Assets?

We will now continue with our study of Tithes in the Bible

Tithes before the Law

Malachi on Tithes

Is the Church the “Storehouse” Malachi speaks of?


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