“Third Day Church”

There was a time when the eschatology-emphasis churches talked of the approach of the end of the second day. According to the Bible, "a day with the Lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as a day." Two thousand had passed since the birth of Jesus. Therefore, said they, the end of the age was at hand. Many were expecting the end in the year 2000 A.D.

However, the end did not come as expected, and two alternate stances were taken by different eschatology teachers and preachers.

The first of these stances was to the effect that we were all mistaken to have counted the 2000 years from the birth of Messiah. For one thing, we know now that the date of His birth was more likely in the period 4 to 2 B.C. But more to the point was the fact that the two thousand years should be counted from the birthday of the church, in other words, the two "days" represented the duration of the church age. If Jesus was crucified, died, was buried and rose from the dead in the year 30 A.D. (say), then the two days takes us to 2030 A.D.

There is yet another group that seem to believe that we are now already in the "third day", and that this day would last the following 1000 years, till 3000 A.D.

According to this view, we should now be reinventing the church to be the "Third Day Church". The proponents of the Third Day Church propagate the view that the church in the 21st century and beyond would be quite unlike the churches we have known so far. This type of church is in the process of  "emerging". It seems to me that, if all "emerging" churches do not subscribe to the Third Day view, it certainly is the case that the Third Day church is in the process of emerging.


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