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Pandit Dharmprakash Sharma

Pandit Sharma was born in Pushkar, which is, to many in India, the Indian equivalent of Jerusalem to the Jews, or the Vatican to Roman Catholics. It is a temple town, and it was in the midst of this center of Hinduism that the chief priest came to a personal revelation of his Savior. The link opens to a 10-page article, each of which is linked to the corresponding part of his message, orally presented with translation, on YouTube. Enjoy, and delight in the fact that Yeshua the Messiah loves the people of India so much that He devised a human channel through whom His message of truth and redemption could be communicated to Hindus, and specially Brahmans (the priestly caste) in terms that they can relate to and understand.

We invite you now to read an interview by journalist Babu Verghese, in which he explores with Pandit Sharma how the Indian Vedas (the ancient holy books of the Aryan invaders – the ancestors of most North Indians today) tell of the way of salvation by sacrifice performed over a very special sacrificial animal, whose characteristics match closely those of the Son of God. Read more.

Shekhar Kallianpur, a brahmin who found Jesus Christ to be his Savior

Other Testimonies from South Asia (the region includes India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh)

Testimonies of Heaven and Hell (This is for your discernment! Be a Berean! Compare with Scripture!)
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