Tactics to win the war against Satan



Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. (John 14:12)

Opening Prayers

Forgive us for failure to align ourselves perfectly with God’s will, known sin and rebellion, emotional stress and trauma, submissions to an ungodly cover, inherited curses, worldly art and music, ownership of unclean objects, failure to cleanse property and places; unforgiveness, idolatry or a lack of separation from the things of the world. We ask for forgiveness, confess contact with the occult, close doors to Satan, break curses, renounce psychic bondage, cut evil soul ties, loose the mind, restore the fragmented soul, confess sins of the fathers, surrender to Jesus, and renounce all evil.


We return curses and demons back to the senders. We use our weapons against the kingdom of darkness. Satan we are closing every door that you may have opened in us from evil contacts. Jesus Christ became a curse on the cross for us and blotted out the handwriting of ordinances against us. We break the curses back to Adam and Eve, and destroy legal holds and grounds that the demons have to work in our lives.

We bind the spirits power and loose ourselves from their holds. We break demonic soul ties. We ask for the necessary spiritual gifts and especially the gift of discernment to minister to the people. We ask for the anointing of the Holy spirit and the authority of Jesus Christ. We have been given power and authority over Satan and his army.

We send angels with boxes to separately seal each demon in, chain and gag the demons, read scripture to the demons day and night, and fill the boxes with the Glory of God. We loose the angels to spin the demons minds round and round, to chase and harass, to bruise, crush and flatten the heads of the serpentine spirits, and to snip off the tails of the scorpion spirits.

We order the princes and rulers to be bound with chains and thrown down before the other spirits, and their foreheads to be written in red letters that Jesus Christ is my Lord. We command the lesser spirits to attack the traitors in the camp and throw them out. We release the spirit which attacked the Midianites in Gideon’s day.

We command the demon’s answers to stand up in the Judgment We send the warrior angels with swords to chain the rulers and throw the fire of God on them. We ask that the demons be cut into pieces and scattered over the dry places.

You are defeated by Jesus and must obey His commands. We adopt each other as spiritual sons and daughters, and cover them with the Compassion and Love of God. We use love as a weapon. We command the demons to manifest only as God permits. We use tongues of men and angels to expel demons.

We bind powers over our area, break assignments from powers in the heavenlies to demons in the people, and ask for legions of covering angels for protection. We bind the strong man and his spirits in everyone.

The Lord Jesus rebuke you. We command that you confess that Jesus Christ is your Lord. We ask for the leadership of the Holy Spirit. We anoint with oil symbolic of the Holy Spirit. We intercede for our loved ones.

We command the ruling spirits to cast out their underlings. We command the angels to assist in the work of deliverance as directed by God.

We break evil curses, vexes, hexes, jinxes, psychic powers, bewitchments, potions, charms, incantations, spells, witchcraft and sorcery. We break all cords, snares, controls and bondages. We ask that the Power of God be manifested. We command the demons to go to Tartarus with the fallen angels, or wherever Jesus sends them.

We use the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ and cover us with the Blood of the Lamb. We agree with The Covenant of the Blood. We use the Psalms as imprecations and pronouncements against the enemies of God, and call down the wrath of God upon spiritual foes. We will sing songs about the Blood of Jesus. We command that every knee to bow and tongue to confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

We come against unholy spirits, fallen angels, demons, devils, empire of evil, and the entire Kingdom of Satan in humans and animals. We come against Councils, Principalities, Powers, World rulers, and Wicked spirits in Heavenly Places. We come against Chiefs and Kings, Princes, Kingdoms, Dominions, Generals, Rulers, Captains, Centurions, Strongmen, and Imps.

Closing Prayers

We pray for healing from the works of the demons. We bind all remaining demons until they can be cast out or leave of their own accord. We ask angels to be stationed on our properties to guard us. We loose godly spirits from the Lord to operate in our lives. We agree to cleanse our beings, possessions and homes of unclean objects. 

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