The Month of Sivan

This month falls in May or June depending on the year.

In this month we have the feast of Pentecost (Shavuot), also known as the feast of weeks). It is the season of wheat harvest, Exodus 34:22, when an offering of the first fruits from their harvest was given, Exodus 23:16, Lev 23:15-22, Numb.28:26-31, Deut. 9-12, Prov.3:9-10.

The word Pentecost means counting to 50. It is 50 days from the barley harvest of Passover to the wheat harvest of Pentecost.

2 Chronicles 15: 8-15 says that in the 3rd month of Sivan (Pentecost season) after they had entered in a marriage oath with God, given their 1st fruits, blown the shofar (Hebrew trumpet, ram’s horn) and sought God with all their hearts, God was found by them, and the Lord gave them rest all around.
2 Chronicles 15:8  And when Asa heard these words, and the prophecy of Oded the prophet, he took courage, and put away the abominable idols out of all the land of Judah and Benjamin, and out of the cities which he had taken from mount Ephraim, and renewed the altar of the LORD, that was before the porch of the LORD.
9  And he gathered all Judah and Benjamin, and the strangers with them out of Ephraim and Manasseh, and out of Simeon: for they fell to him out of Israel in abundance, when they saw that the LORD his God was with him.
10  So they gathered themselves together at Jerusalem in the third month, in the fifteenth year of the reign of Asa.
11  And they offered unto the LORD the same time, of the spoil which they had brought, seven hundred oxen and seven thousand sheep.
12  And they entered into a covenant to seek the LORD God of their fathers with all their heart and with all their soul;
13  That whosoever would not seek the LORD God of Israel should be put to death (the same as the penalty for adultery, as the covenant between Israel and God was a marriage covenant), whether small or great, whether man or woman.
14  And they sware unto the LORD with a loud voice, and with shouting, and with trumpets, and with cornets.
15  And all Judah rejoiced at the oath: for they had sworn with all their heart, and sought him with their whole desire; and he was found of them: and the LORD gave them rest round about.
On Mount Sinai on the day of Pentecost, fire descended upon the mountain, the people all heard the sound of the shofar blown by God and there was earthquake and lightening as in Exodus 19:16-20.
In this same season of wheat harvest (Pentecost), Ruth met Boaz (Ruth 2:23), and it was also the time when Ruth crossed over from being a gentile woman, into a wife married to Boaz (a Jew), and in time she became the grandmother of David, who is in the lineage of Jesus, Yeshua, our Lord (Matthew 1:5-16, Ruth 4:13-22).
Also in this season of Pentecost, which is in the 3rd month of God’s calendar, the body of Christ became a church, and we were also given the Holy Spirit as our helper, comforter and teacher (Acts 2:1-4, John 14:15-17, John 16:8-11).
Here are some additional points worth meditating on this month.
1. Traditionally, the Jews associate the third month with the tribe of Zebulun. The businessman’s month becauseGenesis 49:13 states, “Zebulun shall dwell by the haven of the sea; He shall become a haven for ships, and his border shall adjoin Sidon.” This is God’s blessing on businessmen! We should not think it is “my effort” that gains me wealth. Yes, we do have to labor, but we must absolutely understand that God is the One who delights to give us the power to get wealth (Deut. 8:17-18).

2. Month of unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. When Moses, Aaron, and Miriam were in agreement, things moved ahead. In Acts 2, the 120 were gathered together “in one accord”, and it was into that accord that the Holy Spirit was poured out.

3. This month is a key month for the Sabbath rest. The Festival of Weeks (Shavuot) is during this month, a week of weeks after Bikhurim (Firstfruits). God is serious about our resting in Him. Make sure you taking Sabbath rest once a week. Our choosing to rest says, “God, we know You are our Source and the One who gives us the power to get wealth.”

4. There are two levels of celebration for Pentecost. Expect increase in both:

  • New level of power and anointing of the Lord
  • New level of revelation – so we can move ahead in God

5. Month of Zayin. Receiving mercy to complete certain things. Remember Philipians 1:6–that what God has started in our lives, He will bring to completion. Zayin means both “the sword,” and “sustenance, or nourishment.” Note how the word of God is both the sword of the spirit and the bread of life. Zayin also has the value of “7,” or “completion” and this significance is so appropriate in the month when we celebrate the Feast of the Week of Weeks.

6. Month of the “Transparent Pane” through which you see clearly. First, put the window over you (Nissan was the month of “The Window of Heaven”); then declare the window of heaven is open (Nissan – God wants to blow into you; Iyar – conscience connects spirit and soul). Declare you can see clearly, repent of any sin, known and unknown, confess all known sins, and do not walk with a guilty conscience (1 Timothy 1:5). This is important. AfBe sure to shake off any sense of failure or condemnation.

7. This month occurs when the sun is in the constellation of Gemini (two tablets). The law had to come a second time, because of Israel’s failure when it was given the first time. Isn’t it good to know that even if we fail, God is still for us on account of His mercy.

8. Sinai was a time of Covenant between God and Israel. Acts 2 was a time of Covenant between God and His fledgling church. In a sense we can think of it as the wedding month (Song of Solomon 5:2). Think covenant; think intimacy with the Lord. Be sure to take time to draw away with the Lord.

9. Sivan is a good month to make a fresh decision to continue on in God’s way, instead of taking a wrong path (Deut 33:18-19). We differ from the angels. Angels stand and minister, but it is we who walk. We can cause the angels to leave by wrong walking/actions/words.

10. The month to go to a higher octave of power: from the power demonstrated in Nissan (Pesach) and Iyar (Counting the Omer) to the level of the power that built the Body of Israel, and the Body of the church. Don’t let the Western mindset fragment the year. God is moving through the year, not disconnecting it into separated months. He is tying each month into the next. Gather the wisdom appropriate to each month and move forward into the next month’s wisdom. This is the way not to waste the blessings of the previous months. If you have lost the wisdom or the walk or the power of the previous month, ask God’s forgiveness and press on. God’s grace and power will restore things quickly. Once you get moving in God’s timing, you move into and begin to see restoration and acceleration. Restoration will double, quadruple, or septuple (grow sevenfold) as quickly as what you wasted. Don’t give up on people who have made a mess. Intercede for them and look to the Lord to rebuild them.


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