SEVEN STEPS TO HEALING (as taught by T.L. Osborn)

How T. L. Osborn’s Ministry began

The Seven Steps to Healing – as taught by T.L. Osborn
Know that physical healing is part of Christ’s ministry today.
The age of miracles has not passed.
Know God’s Promises to heal in the Scriptures, and be convinced they are for YOU personally.
Understand that God wants you well.
Only Satan wants you to suffer.
Understand that Divine healing is included in your salvation.
Ask God to heal you according to His Promises and believe He hears you.
Believe when you pray that you have received what you asked for.
Praise the Lord for the answer, and ACT on His Promise.
These seven steps will bring about the fulfilment of any Promise God has made.
Any blessing which Christ died to provide will manifest to anyone who follows these steps.
You could summarize them in three points:
1) KNOW what God has promised.
2) ASK Him to DO what He has promised.
3) ACT like He has done what He has promised.
When you have a clear knowledge of God’s Promise to you, and have asked Him to fulfil it, then He expects you to begin to do, by faith, what you could not do before.
Your actions and praise prove the reality of your faith, and God confirms His Word to you.
Rise above your doubts and fears. Prove your faith by your actions.
Claim your liberty from Satan’s prison of sickness.
Now you can go free. Call on the Lord. Confess His Promise. Ask Him to fulfill it.
Believe He hears you. Claim your healing, and do what you couldn’t do before.
Your pains will vanish. Your weakness will turn to strength.
Light will come to blind eyes. Paralysed limbs will begin to move and feel.
God will assuredly confirm His promise.

Maybe you have been ill for a long time.
Prayed many times. Perhaps doctors have told you that your case is incurable.
If you’ve tried time and again to receive healing and failed, the Word of God still declares…
By his wounds you have been healed. 1 Pe. 2:24
Take new courage. Say, “Nevertheless, because you say it, I believe it…I am healed!”
Believe it now with all your heart, and act on it.
The disheartened disciples fished all night, and caught nothing.
They were experts, yet they failed.
Jesus came, and told them to try again.
They did not argue or doubt.
They believed Christ’s Word enough to act on it, and caught a boat load.
To the father of the lunatic son Jesus said,
Everything is possible for him (or her) who believes. Mk. 9:23
If YOU will just believe, YOU will be healed right now where you are.
Rebuke and resist the enemy that has stolen your health, and claim it back!
Pray like this:
Heavenly Father:
Thank you for the wonderful truth that Christ has borne my diseases and my infirmities for me. Thank you that I don’t need to bear them because Jesus took them in my place. I am so glad to know Satan is to blame for my sickness, not you.
You want me to be well and strong so I can serve you. Thank you for giving me authority over all devils in Jesus’ Name.
Now Father, I come expecting you to fulfil your promise made to me;
I am the Lord who heals you Do it now in Jesus’ Name, according to your Word.
I rebuke the enemy who has caused my suffering.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, 
I command the life of my sickness to leave, and every symptom to be destroyed by the power of God.
Father, I thank you that you have heard and answered me now.
I claim my healing now, according to your promise.
Thank you that the source of my sickness is destroyed, and as Jesus promised, I shall recover.
Now that you have prayed, and condemned your disease in Jesus’ Name, be assured your petition has been heard and answered.
…hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful. Heb. 10:23
Allow only God’s opinion concerning your healing, to pass from your lips.
If Satan suggests God has not heard and answered you…
Resist the devil and he WILL flee from you. Jas. 4:7
He is a liar. Jn. 8:44
God’s Word is true.
What God has done for others, He is doing for you right now.
Do what you couldn’t do before!


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