Repent, Bind, Loose, Break, Pray, Declare

Pray this prayer for protection of yourself, your family, your church, your neighborhood, etc.


Father, I repent of all my sins of thought, word, and deed, of omission and commission. Father I ask your forgiveness in the mighty Name of Jesus, and receive it by the precious Blood of Jesus, our Passover Lamb.


I bind to me my calling, my election, my healing, my wealth, my ministry, my gifts, and the promises of God to me. I will not allow anyone to take them from me. They are mine!


I loose all ungodly prayer against me, and I send them back to the one who sent  it, for their instruction and correction. Now I apply the Blood of Jesus over my mind, my subconscious mind, my spirit, soul and body.


I break all curses, hexes, vexes, spells, and all prayers over me contrary to the will of God for my life.


In the Name of Jesus Christ, by the Power of His Blood, His Cross, and His Word, I bind the evil spirits, the evil powers, the evil forces of the earth, the underground, the air, the water, the fire, the netherworld, and all other satanic forces of nature or of hell. I rebuke any curses, hexes, vexes, or spells sent against me, and I send them directly to Jesus, for Him to deal with as He will.

Lord, I ask you to bless our enemies, by sending Your Holy Spirit to bring them to repentance. I bind all interplay, interaction and communication of evil spirits. I claim the protection of the shed Blood of Jesus Christ over any evil forces coming against me.

Declare Victory

O Satan, I pronounce and announce, openly and publicly, that I have the victory over you in the Name of Jesus Christ. 

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I have put my foot upon your neck, O Satan.

I pronounce victory over my finances, my wealth, my health, my job, my children, my living parents, my living brothers and sisters, my wife (or husband), and over everything in my life.

I have put my foot upon your neck, O Satan, and I proclaim victory in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ.

You shall not take from me any longer.

I have put my foot upon your neck, and I say Enough is enough in the Name of Jesus Christ.

I take authority over my life and my ministry, and everything relating to me, in the mighty Name of Jesus. Amen.


The above can be prayed as a group or family prayer by pluralizing the pronouns from I to we, me to us, my to our, mine to ours.




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