Rapture Links

A Review and Defense of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Church (Watch pair page)

Rapture Ready  – Etermal Value (also known as Mulberry Ministry) – Mulberry Ministry Links

Paw Creek Ministries rich site! Believes in the pre-trib rapture.

The Rapture Solution

Rapture Forums

Rapture Notes

Rapture Site

The Rapture Page on NowTheEndBegins.com (the page ends with a link to a seven page study of the Rapture)

Pre-Trib dot Org
Website of the Pre-Trib Research Center, giving access to the archives

The Church Against the Rapture – Grace through Faith.com /
There’s a lot of other worthwhile material on GraceThroughFaith.com

The Rapture Report There’s more on the main site at Rapture Forums

Preterism – Part of the Final Apostasy

Dr. David Owuor’s site: Repentance and Holiness Ministry
Dr Owuor speaks of a soon-coming rapture. He has prophesied many events (including the Samoan earthquakes) which have been literally fulfilled, in witness to his basic message which is repentance and holiness in preparation for the Rapture.

Steve Foss’s prophetic ministry
Excellent site of a prophet of God. Like Dr. Owuor, Steve Foss speaks of a soon-coming rapture. Like Dr. Owuor, his ministry is backed by amazing signs and wonders.

The Elijah Challenge Ministry
Incredibly, this site actually teaches and trains “nameless believers” in demonstrating signs and wonders in the name of Jesus. The ministry teaches that this is particularly possible in the days before the rapture. Nothing flaky about this site.

Revelations of Heaven (testimonies of 7 Colombian youths who claim they were taken to heaven and brought back to earth)

Insights of God
Experiences and Visions of Eternity

Free Christian Teachings
by Dr. Richard Kent (included are two pdf files: The Final Frontier, and Beyond the Final Frontier, also available as a movie,
alongside The Lazarus Phenomenon movie)


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