Proverbs 4 verses 20 to 22

Proverbs 4:20  My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings.
21  Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart.
22  For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh.

For more than a decade, I have known the above three verses to be known as God’s medicine bottle.
The reason why they were so called was because thy are like a doctor’s medieine bottle whifh has instructions on “how to use” right on the bottle itself.
This is Derek Prince’s personal testimony of how he was healed through faithfully taking God’s medicine.
For many years I have known those three verses from the fourth chapter of Proverbs as “God’s medicine bottle.” God declares that if we will rightly receive His words and His sayings, they will be life to us and health to all our flesh. The marginal translation for the word that is translated “health” is “medicine.” That’s why I say that’s “God’s medicine bottle.”
And God says His medicine will provide us with health in all our flesh. In every area of our physical body it will provide health, but remember, the directions are on the bottle. The medicine only works if you take it according to the directions. There are four directions.
First, attend to God’s word. Second, incline or bow down your ear and listen to His sayings. Third, let them not depart from your eyes, keep them before your eyes continually. And fourth, let them settle and abide in the midst of your heart.
If you take the Word of God according to those fourfold directions, you will find, as I did many years ago, that God’s medicine bottle produces just the results that He claims. It brings life and health to all our flesh. I found that after a year on end in hospital when doctors couldn’t heal me, God’s medicine did the job.
 – Derek Prince
Here are the four steps God prescribes:
  1. “Give attention to my words” (4:20a). So often, we read God’s Word with divided attention. Our minds are so preoccupied by the “cares of this world” (Matt. 13:22), that it causes the Word of God to become unfruitful. For God’s Word to produce the healing effects in our bodies, we must shut out the things of the world and give our complete attention to God.
  2. “Incline your ear to my sayings” (4:20b). An inclined ear implies an attitude of spiritual hunger, humility and teachability. Stubbornness and unbelief limit the effects of God’s Word in our lives. Jesus warned us against the traditions of men that make God’s commandments of no effect. Traditional religious ideas, prejudices and preconceptions often stop miracles from happening. Therefore, always stay open and hungry to the Word of God.
  3. “Do not let them depart from your eyes” (4:21a). To receive the benefits of physical healing promised in God’s Word, it is necessary to keep both eyes totally fixed on the promises. A double-minded Christian will receive no miracle from the Lord (James 1:7-8). Do not be overly concerned by the symptoms of the sickness. Instead focus on His Word with unwavering faith.
  4. “Keep them in the midst of your heart” (4:21b). The heart is the inward center of the human personality. Our heart controls the whole course of our lives and all that we experience (4:23). As such, if we allow the Word of God to enter our spirit regularly through our ears and eyes, it will have the power to effect life to our souls and health to our flesh. Therefore, give time to the Word of God, because it is “life to those who find [it], and health to all their flesh.”
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