Praying as David Prayed

A song by Fred Hammond song popular among charismatics had a line that ran “I will dance as David dancced” This was in the first stanza

The second sanza had “I will pray as David prayed”,.

In this page, we sill study what it means to pray as David payed.

From the time Samuel anointed David and he came into prominence in Saul’s court as a result of his bold andf successful on Goliath,David was beset by enemies, Saul, later his father-in-law persistently tried to kill him. After David was finally crowned King of Judah and later King of  all Israel, his troubles did not cease and in fact,  some of the people he loved the most  (including his son Absalom) became his enemies. His heart was crushed. 
What was David’s reaction to all this? He himself answers the question: “I give myself unto prayer,” (Psalm 109:4). 
That was his way of coping, in fact, more than just comping, dealing with his enormous challenges. 
In every challenge, prayer is the ultimate solution. By prayer, I mean carrying every matter to God for His guidance or intervention. 
Nothing on earth has the potential that prayer has. 
Prayer takes us into the presence of God. and involves God in our problems.  David did that throughout his life. In fact, he wrote his prayers and included them in his personal prayer book, the Book of Psalms. 
When we pray, we set the  powers of heaven into motion. God cannot ignore you. He is omniscient, He knows your need before you ask Matthew 6;&-8,And He also knows that you just prayed that He meet your need. it is impossible for Him not to register your request. He hears it. Never doubt that. And your prayer forces a response. God has forever obligated Himself to respond to those who diligently seek Him in faith. Heb 11:6.
Immediately God sets into motion the same miracle-working power that created the universe and everything else we know today. 
What God has done throughout the ages can be done again and again just as easily.
Even things that have never been done before can be done by our God to meet our specific need. There is nothing He cannot do. What He has done for others, He will do for you. 
You may think God does not hear you when you pray, but nothing could be further from the truth. Oh, He hears you. Someone has said that God hears every prayer and His answer will be one of the following: “Yes.” “No.” “Wait.” or “Do it yourself.” 
Maybe God is willing to do one thing you ask, but He disapproves of something else. Maybe the answer will look like a compromise a parial answer. Who can know what will happen until you knock against the door and see what opens up to you? 
Still, the important thing to know is that ALL PRAYER gets God’s attention. Now, I didn’t say that all prayer gets the desired answer. Anybody knows that you don’t always get everything you ask for in prayer. But that is no excuse for not asking. 
There are many dimensions to prayer, and unless you are aseasoned prayer-warrior, you will find very much to learn in these pages, at least some things that you probably never considered before. 
The remariable potential power available through prayer is available to every child of God  Even a disabled man confined to his bed can still pray. Even an imprisoned criminal can pray. Rich and poor can pray. Healthy or handicapped can pray. Young or old can pray. Every race and nationalitycan pray. 
If you can think, you can pray. You can pray standing up or kneeling down, siting or lying down. You can pray in the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom, the shower, in the car, in the office, or outdoors. 
You can pray out loud. You can shout a prayer in pain or in alarm. You can whisper a prayer. You can pray without moving your lips. 
You can pray in English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Bengali, Portuguese, Malay, Japanese, German, Korean, French, Dutch, Swahili, Yiddish, Hebrew, or any language known to man. You can write a prayer, type a prayer. You can scribble a prayer in the sand. 
You can pray at breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can pray at 3:00 PM or at 3:00 AM. You can pray in the dark. You can pray in private. You can pray in a crowd. 
The most important thing is that you pray. 
When you pray, you will never be the same again. Prayers never die. In heaven, the smoke from the altar of incense, accompanying and symbolically representing the prayers of the saints, ascends before the throne of God forever and ever.
Revelation 8:3  And another angel came and stood at the altar, having a golden censer; and there was given unto him much incense, that he should offer it with the prayers of all saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne.
Your prayers are among them. Your mother’s prayers, and your grandma’s prayers, even those who are now gone ahead to heaven — their prayers are still ringing in the ears of God, ascending before His throne. 
What on earth can you do that has more eternal value than prayer? What can you do for your spouse or your children that will benefit them more than prayer? 
You may bequeath a fortune to your descendants, if you can in these days of banks going bankrupt, but you cannot give them a more valuable gift than prayer. Even if you are poor, you can give a priceless gift to your loved ones by praying for them. 
After praying, I’ve seen a goitre flattened instantly healed. I’ve seena paralytic brought on a stretcher against the hospital’s permission ;ezp out of his stretcher to the amazement of the hospital attendants, I’ve seen a leg twisted with polio straighten instantly before my eyes. I’ve. brain damage by encephalitis reversed. I’ve seen blind eyes see, and deaf ears opened — yes, I really have personally witnessed each of the listed answers to prayer! 
I’ve seen prayer bring miraculous sums of money in the mail. Prayer can save a house from foreclosure. Prayer can prevent a bankruptcy. Prayer can save a marriage. Prayer can bring a wandering child back home. Prayer can deliver an alcoholic or a drug addict or a prostitute. Prayer can move a rebel to contrition. Prayer can save an endangered flight (I was in one!), bring a plane that’s caught fire safely back to the airport (while the plane was in the air, Baptist friens began cainviting people to call upon the Name of the Lord Jesus and be saved, this prevented a crash landing)
Prayer can change the mind of a judge, or a jury or of a landlord desiring to evict his tenant, or make a plaintiff drop the charges. Prayer can silence a maniac, cheer the depressed, comfort the grieving. Prayer can call down an army of angels. 
“God doesn’t answer my prayers!” you may object. Well, I’ve got news for you. God most certainly does answer your prayers. Look backwards, right this minute at one of your recent prayer requests. So you say that you prayed and nothing happened. 
Let’s scrutinize that for a moment. Nothing happened? God didn’t hear? Sure He did. THAT happened. But you didn’t get what you asked for. 
Then what did happen? God may have decided not to respond to you at this particular time. That doesn’t mean that He is not going to give you what you ask. It may mean that He is going to put some time between your request and His response. 
Have you heard of delayed gratification? It is one of the greatest human lessons. Almost nothing in life gives consistently immediate results. 
Most things take time. Plant a garden. Does it come up overnight? No. Go to college. Do you get your degree overnight? No. Court a lover. Will he or she marry you on the first date? No. 
What do you know of in life that gives consistently immediate answers? Not the government. Not the school system. Not the doctor or the hospital. Not the bank. Not the insurance company. Everybody puts you off. Everybody takes their time. 
Why? Because work takes time. Tests have to go to the lab. The papers have to be filed. Reports have to be generated. Checks have to be written and mailed. Everything takes time. 
Just because you prayed and didn’t get exactly what you wanted as soon as you got up off your knees, don’t think God isn’t working. He may not come when you want Him, but He will ALWAYS come on time. He knows when the best time is to show up. 
Meanwhile, God may be answering your prayer, and you don’t even realize it. Maybe He is working on somebody you don’t even know to bring the results to you. Maybe He is healing something quietly, and you may not know the results until later. Maybe He is turning the world upside-down on its axis, but you can’t see what He is doing, so you don’t think He’s doing it. 
Just wait and see. 
Don’t EVER stop praying. The one prayer you fail to pray may be the prayer that would have turned your world around. Maybe YOUR prayer would have saved that loved one. Maybe YOUR prayer would have prevented that crime down the street. Maybe YOUR prayer would have prevented that car crash. 
You can’t get results you don’t set into motion. Prayer sets things into motion. Prayer lights a firecracker. Sooner or later, it has to go off. 
You are going to be different after you have read through these scope pages and started acting on the advice contained in them. Yes,. You are going to be the prayer warrior you’ve wanted to be.. 


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