Prayer styles


Prayer is an art. And there are styles of praying just as there are styles in any  art form. Prayer can be subjective and it can be objective. You can be very, very specific, or you can pray in general terms. Prayer styles vary with the person praying. Just like no two people will ever paint the same picture, no two people are ever going to pray the same prayer.
God responds to the incredible variety of prayers that go up to Him any time of day or night.
It is beyond our finite minds to comprehend how God can pay attention to a million prayers simultaneously, but He can.
If evidence for this is needed, remember, He rules over a universe that is 28 billion light years across, and one light-year is 5.8 trillion miles! He keeps your body functioning, although that calls for  micro-managing almost 100 trillion living cells simultaneously in your body. If our God can keep all that running on schedule, can you doubt his ability to pay attention to you. When we say that God has infinite power, we are talking of no limits whatsoever.
We can never conceive of God bigger than He really is. We can never overstate His abilities. We have never asked for anything that He cannot do.
The widow woman in 2 Kings 4 was down to nothing. All she had in her house was a pot of oil. The prophet told her to borrow all the pots in the neighborhood. She literally filled up every pot in town out of that one bottle. Then she sold all the oil and paid off all her bills.
Would you have ever thought to pray for something like that? God’s possibilities are so vast and varied that you and I cannot even imagine them. That’s why we should be completely uninhibited when we pray. Jesus said that if you can believe it, you can receive it.
You never know what God might do if you will pray. It’s time to throw out all your preconceived, self-limiting ideas about prayer and just get down on your knees and up your requests to God however impossible they may seem in terms of your capabilities or that of anyone else you know.
One of the biggest hurdles in learning how to pray is learning how to believe that God will respond to any genuine prayer of faith. You do NOT have to be eloquent, articulate or verbose, like a preacher. Your prayers do NOT have to be well-structured, grammatically correct or humanly impressive. But they do have to be real. There is NO REASON why you or anybody else cannot learn to pray powerful prayers that work. Just give it a try.
Stop worrying about your prayer skills. Don’t even be self-consciously try to evaluat whether your prayer has faith or not. Leave that to God. Leaving that question to God is actually an expression of faith! Just pray whatever you can find in your heart to pray. You may just find that you can get your miracle in only two words – “Jesus, help!” or “Jesus, save!” If you’re in a panic, just use one word: “Jesus!”
Romans 10:13  For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.


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