Prayer Presentations to God

You may be going through a busy period in which the cares of the world press in on you and compel you to attend to matters.

 It might be wise for you to organize an agenda for your prayer time. What exactly is the single prayer point you will pray at  such and such a time?

Organize your Prayer Points as a Prayer Presentation you make before God.

Avoid asking for too many things or praying about different issues… all in one breadth. 

Take the time to ask for one thing AT A TIME. Like any presentation, your prayer must be focused. This means you take up a prayer point and pray it to a level of assurance before moving to the next one. In fact as you pray, you will begin to feel the assurance of answered prayer.

In Isaiah 41:21 the Bible says, “Produce your cause, says the Lord; bring forth your strong reasons, says the King of Jacob.” Although the context is one where God is challenging Israel as to what they will say in their defence of their rebellious hearts, the verse can form a pattern for your prayer time as one seeking to develop  faith in prayer. 

A similar verse in a similar context occurs in Isaiah 43:26: “Put Me in remembrance, let us plead together; declare it that you may be justified.”  We can put God in remembrance of our need, and plead together with Him, and declare your need, and declare your faith that you have received God’s answer, and do it in a systematic presentation before the Lord! God is not haphazard. He is a God of order.

So if you like to be organized and making presentations is part of your work, use that talent to organize your prayer presentations to God.

Focus on one point at a time, reminding God, pleading, declaring till you know in your heart that God has heard and till you have received His answer in your spirit.



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