Prayer List

Start a Prayer List for your own use.

I have decided to pray every single day. I hold myself accountable for my prayer consistency. If a man isn’t accountable to himself, he will never be accountable to anybody else. 

Get a writing pad, a composition notebook, or anything to write in. Begin a list of things that you know you ought to be praying for. 
As you write, think that this is a very important list you are making that you are going to keep indefinitely and review it regularly. Understand tha this is serious business before the living God. 
As you make your first prayer list, you probably won’t see very clearly how all the priorities are going to work out. So make a general prayer list to get yourself started. List everything and everybody that is most important to you. Start small. 
As you pray this small list consistently, you may find the list growing, but so will your capacity to pray over a longer list. In God’s time, you will become a prayer warrior, and nothing will be too hard for you, because you will be engaging the powers of Heaven in every matter that concerns you and those you love and those whom God has laid on your heart to pray for.
Pray with the list  in front of you. 
The preacher preaches from his points. Salespersons deliver their spiels from points including points of possible objections and how to answer them.
Much better to pray from points than just Moaning and groaning and saying “hallelujah” again and again, non-stop – that is NOT  praying. It  is just a  waste of time. 
If all you do when you pray is sit there and whine about how awful your life is, and you wear out the grace of God with your self-pity, you are not going to be very happy with the results you get, probably no results at all. 
Conversational prayer? My daughter often notes down points she wants to share in her conversations with us parents, and when the conversation starts, she makes sure that she brings up every point, one by one. The fact that she uses points does not prevent the conversation from being a true give and take, with every person contributing.
Real prayer is just as conversational as any conversation you have with your friends and acquaintances. But it is FAR more than conversational. 
 If you usually spend an hour praying for one or two things,that is not the most effective way to pray. 
Praying by points helps you pray for a LOT more of what youI want to pray for. Maybe you have a photographic memory like my daughter, but I don’t. If I don’t keep a list of names in front of me, and perhaps what I want to pray about for them, I cannot  remember all the people and issues I want to pray for. 
I have resolved that no matter what  and tribulations, no matter what deprivations or reversals  will  keep on praying. A lot of things in my life may change, but not my prayer life. That’s one thing I don’t ever want to lose. 
Jesus told us Men ought always to pray and not faint. 
Paul said: Pray without ceasing. 
 “Prayer changes things.” Is there anything in your life right now that needs to be changed? Pray about it. Is there trouble with your job? Pray about it. Is there trouble with your family? Pray about it. Is there trouble with your finances? Pray about it. 
Whatever needs changing in your life, that is your reason to pray. Do your kids need God? Pray. Does your church need a revival? Pray. Does your school or community or neighborhood or a distant mission field God has laid on your heart need a spiritual awakening? Pray. 
Make your list. Now. At least start it right now. You will be adding to your list until Jesus comes. Get a good notebook that you will be happy to continue using for months and years to come. This prayer notebook is going to be one of your most important possessions in the world. 
If you are a computer user, you may prefer to make your prayer list on your computer. You can put them in a Word Document, or list them in a Task in Outlook. If you carry a laptop or a hand-held computer, that will work wonderfully. Pray with your laptop in front of you. Maybe you think that doesn’t sound very spiritual, but  listen, your computer is an excellent tool for creating your prayer notes. You can always print your notes out periodically and use paper notes to pray with if you like that better. 


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