The Positive Confession Heresy

The body of teachings being assembled in in the Living by Faith index, is not the Positive Confession teaching, such as that given by Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Fred Price, Joyce Meyers, etc.


The basic premise of ‘positive confession’ as taught in the Word-Faith movement is:

  • God created things by speaking them into existence.
  • We are created in God’s image.
  • Therefore we, too, can create things (or situations) by speaking them into existence.

Those who teach this doctrine claim that words are a creative force, with the power of influencing both the physical and the spiritual world. Hence believers spend much time

  • binding Satan, demons and other spiritual entities.
  • claiming health.
  • claiming wealth. 

The Positive Confession teaching is heresy.

Here are some sites that make the point well.

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