A personal note

I was till 2010 attending a local church that was becoming more and more obviously a Babylonian type church.

The church was being influenced by the false prophetic movement, and I tried to point this out first to the pastor, and when he refused to judge the false prophetic in our church as well as in the city and internationally, then I felt I must warn those who would heed, lest I be held accountable by God for not sounding the alarm..

At some point, God brought about a direct confrontation with the pastor who claimed to be on a hot line to God, and I found myself outside the church.

With this, a great load had been lifted off my shoulders. I had discharged my duty as watchman by sounding the warning, and now I could leave the church with a sense freedom. I am a watchman, not the Judge.  I rejoiced with every fiber of my being that I was free of this pastor and his strong-willed wife.

However, I also found it necessary for my own sake, for my family, and for the Body of Christ at large, to go into questions like:

  • What exactly is a Babylonian type church?
  • When and why does God want us to leave such a church, if we are a member? Why did I join this church?
  • How did the church change for the worse?
  • What was the main principle (Biblical command actually) that I followed in leaving the church?
  • What lessons can I learn about Jesus, about what is the church He founded, about the state of increasingly many churches in the world, about the “emerging” church movement, the “third day” church movement,
  • and a host of other matters.

This section of Bibloscope is about questions like these.

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