What does the NT tell us about Making Disciples?

The first principle is that each local group of believers is responsible for their own “backyard”, their own “Jerusalem”.


The second is that their lives and relationship with one another, and with the Triune God, form the background against which their listeners can and will evaluate their claims.


Making disciples means leading those who are not disciples into becoming disciples. Logically, the message needs to be preached “in the world” more than  “in the church”.


The message should first be addressed to adults, and then to the whole household.


The local body should recognize those whom God has gifted and called to go out beyond the local body into the wider community, other parts of the city, and abroad.


New believers should be involved as quickly as possible in the life of the local body.


Methods must be adapted to the local situation and culture, but the message and biblical guidelines must not be compromised.



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