This is the section where we will keep a watch on the darkening scene of world events and the darkness that is falling on the churches, in the form of false and deceptive teachings and practices that really belong to the kingdom of darkness (such as heretical and cultic teachings and practices)

Individuals, churches, or organizations that propagate such will be listed and discussed in WolfScope.

The Darkening Scene around the Churches

The Increasing Influence of Occultic and New Age Beliefs and Organizations

Kundalini – the Foundation of Charismania

Kundalini and Revival – Kundalini, a false “Holy Spirit” – extremely rich and informative site

It takes courage to go against the tide of charismatic Christendom and warn as Andrew Strom does

False Spirits within the Church – Kundalini Warning – Video by Andrew Strom

False Spirits within the Church – Kundalini Warning – another video by Andrew Strom

Kundalini Warning – Scottish church paper endorses Andrew Strom’s warning

Site designed for “Redeemed Hippies” endorse Andrew Strom’s Kundalini warning – very rich discernment site but not exclusively about discernment


50 “evangelical” organisations are promoting “contemplative spirituality”!


The Darkening Scene around the World

The World is on the Brink of nuclear catastrophe from the condition of the Fukushima reactors in Japan,
and the world’s media, governments, and environmental protection agencies are silent!

Plume-Gate – Nuclear Cover-up – Media Silent

Tokyo Soil Samples would be considered nuclear waste in the US

Watch this entire video, and take heed



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