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March 2, 2013: I’ve just added a page based on two verses in the book of Revelation chapters 2 and 3, that gave me a great new motivation for living for the Lord. Do you know your new God-given name?

February 18, 2013: It’s been a long time, nearly a year, since anything new has been added to this site. God has been dealing with me through afflictions of the body (in the form of spondylosis) and a series of computer mishaps. The first made it extremely difficult for me to sit at the computer without my back getting more and more bent (like Jacob bowed with age). The second made it impossible for me to work consistently at the computer, as it would crash every now and then. At first, I found all this very frustrating. But eventually I waited on God’s perfect timing for the healing of my body and of my computer.

I sense that God has now released me to reorganize the site, while still maintaining its basic structure as a site of “scopes” about the Bible. I sense that God will guide me in the days ahead to give Bibloscope a fresh direction, and a new lease of life. Amen.

Also, I’ve added a much overdue Dedication page in which I reproduce emails detailing visions and encouragement from a dear prophetic sister, without whose “prodding” this website would not have been constructed.

Finally, I’ve added a page on how God taught me I needed a new Operating System in my life as a believing Christian – SOS: the Spirit’s Operating System..



March 27, 2012: Prophecies being fulfilled in Israel since 1948


March 21, 2012: There’s a new link in the Main Menu in the left margin: A Dip into Hebrew

March 1, 2012: I have inserted a new menu link, Calendar Cycle View, in the Main Menu seen in the left margin. The Biblical calendar, still followed by Jews today, though not perfectly, is important if we are to understand what the Bible says about the Feasts of the Lord, certain events of the Old Testament (like the day of the flood), and events in the Life of Jesus, and the Acts of the Apostles, etc. It’s a vast subject, Biblically and scientifically accurate, and a notable achievement of those who “sat in Moses’ seat” (the Sanhedrin) in the time of Jesus and the apostles. In addition, the Jewish Calendars show the accuracy of Bible prophecy, and are themselves predictors of God’s intentions in the present and near and distant future! Check it out.

January 31, 2012: Within the site, the new pages WolfScope and NightScope have been revised. Pages are being added to these, as I have become aware of increasing activity by some of the western charismatic wolves in my country and city

January 29, 2012: A new link on Deliverance has been added under Faith Focus accessible from the menu link The Abiding Three, The reason for this addition to the menu is because oftentimes a believer is hindered by demons from getting answers to prayer, specially but only only in relation to healing. This is an area I am now learning, as God teaches me on this topic from the Bible applying it in a personal healing need. Also, I am beginning to pray as never before, not just for revival in the churches of my country, but also for deliverance of the churches from the invading enveloping darkness, and from the deceptiveness of western charismatic wolves. Deliverance principles can and need to be applied not only for self and others, in areas like physical health, emotional and spiritual bondages, etc., but also for entire churches, whose deliverance would result in a major spiritual blessing for their flocks and genuine as opposed to counterfeit “kundalini revivals”.. Also, included in the Prayer Page is a Daily Prayer which includes deliverance prayer for the individual, his/her family  the local church and other churches.

November 28, 2011: The whole site is relatively new. At present, I am working on expanding  the Heaven Page – and the Prayer Page. These and a few more can be found in the menu on the left hand side of the page, but all of these and more can be found in Kaleidoscopic Views.

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