The Name of Jesus

A careful reading of the New Testament reveals the important place
that the Name of Jesus had in the life of the Early Church …
and the Power that was available to them through that Name.

We shall look at …

The Name of Jesus in the Epistles

The Name in Baptism

How He Obtained His Name

What Is Back of the Name

The Use of His Name

Casting Out Demons in His Name

Miraculous God Reaches Out to Man Through Miracles

The Name in daily conflict

Sense-knowledge faith and revelation faith

Our Identification with Christ

Man’s Three-fold Nature

Fellowship and Relationship

Our Spiritual Initiative through Using the Name

Let this not be just a dry academic, theological, doctrinal study.

Let us avail of the authority that is ours in that Name to execute the will of God, to further the work of God, today.

By way of illustration, here’s an actual video of the use of the Name to cause a tornado to skip over the house
from which this person did his ministry.





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