The Name of Jesus in the Gospels


Matthew 1:21 (Jesus, Savior) read with Isaiah 7:14 (Immanuel, God with us) and John 1:14 (the Word, made flesh, dwelt among us)

Matthew 10:22 (persecution) The Name makes sinners tremble with fear or hate, and saints rejoice.
Men would love it enough to die for it. Others would hate it enough to commit murder on account of it.

Matthew 12:21 (hope of the gentiles)

Matthew 18:5 (little children have a Friend, can be received in His Name)

Matthew 18:6; Mark 9:42; Luke 17:2 Jesus pronounces judgment on anyone who causes hurt or injury or scandal to one of the little ones who believe in Him.

Matthew 18:20 (His Presence with 2 or 3)

Matthew 24:5 (His Name falsely claimed by false Christs)

Matthew 28:19 (His Name in the Great Commission)  


Mark 9:38-39 (non-denominational) His Name was great even before He died.
Men were already healing the sick and casting out demons in His Name while He was alive, even though they were not part of His companion-group.

Mark 13:13 (persecution)

Mark 16:17-18 (the Great Commission, with signs following all believers)
He specifies some of the things that His Name would do.
No special gift, no special faith, just “the believing ones” (literal Greek).
This is His method of being present today.
In heathen nations where we go as heralds of His grace, we shall do as Paul did on the island of Melita, and in many other fields.
God never intended any change in the methods or ministry, except that the scope would be widened as nations developed.


Luke 9:48 (Jesus honors the little children with their place in the assembly)
The child has his place in the church, not just in Sunday School.

Luke 9:49-40 (non-denominationalism)
Thank God for anyone who is being helped or blessed, whether they walk with us or not.

Luke 10:17 (disciples see the Name working as they use it).

Luke 21:8 (warning against false prophets claiming to speak in His Name)

Luke 21:12 (persecution by kings and governors for His Name’s sake)

Luke 24:47 (part of the Great Commission. We see this put into practice in Acts 3-8).


John 1:12 (how to be born again – salvation comes by believing on His Name).

John 2:23 (many believed ON His Name during Passover)
Sinners must believe ON His Name to be saved.
Saved ones must believe IN His Name to work signs and wonders.
Specially those who have been baptized INTO His Name.
Jesus is the Head, we are the Body.
We are baptized into the Head.
To the Head belongs the Name.
The Head gives us His Body, the right to live, walk and use the power of that Name.

John 3:18 (judgment to those who have not believed on His Name).

John 14:13-14 (we are taught to pray in the name of the Mediator).
The disciples are given the unique privilege of praying in His Name.
No need to pray through the High Priest. Now we pray through this new High Priest.
The Father is glorified in the Son as we pray and ask in His Name.
Jesus, seated at the Father’s right hand, endorses our petitions.

John 15:16; 16:23-24 (the Great Charter Promise in the Name of Christ).
The legal foundation for a wonderful prayer life for the church, a legal right to use the name of Jesus without restriction.
If we are children of God, all that is in that Name belongs to us.
Not a matter of being our worthy. It is His standing in Heaven, and our standing as the Father’s sons and daughters.
We just recognize the standing of Jesus and our standing, and we claim our rights.


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