The Name in Baptism

Galatians 3:27 As many as were baptized into Christ did put on Christ.

When the wife puts on marriage, she takes her husband’s name and enters into her husband’s possessions and has legal rights in his home.
So when the believer is baptized into the Name of the Lord Jesus, he puts on the Name of the Lord Jesus.
Not only puts on the Name, but takes his legal rights and privileges in Christ.
When we are baptized into the Name of the Father, it gives us the place of a child, and all the privileges of a child, all the inheritance and wealth of the child.
We are baptized into the protection and care and fellowship of the God of the universe as our Father.
We have the standing of a son, the privileges of a son, the responsibilities of a son.
By that baptism, we have become a joint heir with Jesus and an heir of God.
We have entered into the wealth of an inheritance from the God of the universe.
When we are baptized into the Name of the Holy Spirit, we are baptized into the Name, wealth, power, wisdom and glory of God’s representatives on the earth – all the Spirit has we are baptized into.
We have entered the fellowship of His grace, His tenderness, His wisdom, His ability, His power, His life.
So, when we are baptized into the Name of the Lord Jesus, all that that Name stands for in heaven is ours; all the mighty victories that Jesus won in His death and resurrection are ours.
What does it mean to be baptized into the Name?
Take this scripture: Baptizing them into the Name of the Father, and into the Name of the Son and into the Name of the Holy Spirit.
Spiritually, it mens that we are baptized into all that that Name means in the Plan of Redemption – we are baptized into the Finished Work of Jesus Christ.
Of His fullness we have received (John 1:16). 
In Him we are full or complete (Col 2:9-10).
All the grace that was manifest in Christ enwraps us, enfolds us, we are in it.
All the perfections and beauties in the character and life of Jesus is ours.
Paul says, “Ye are complete in Him.”
Think of the responsibilities attached to it!
Think of the glories enwrapped in it!
Think of the blessings that accrue from it!
It is the greatest honor that Heaven can confer upon a human.
What mighty works can be wrought through the Holy Child Jesus. Acts 4:30.
The Lord lifts us up, the Lord enables us, by His grace, to enter into our inheritance and to assume our responsibilities in His wonderful family!
Every victory and triumph He won in His substitutionary work was for the benefit of the church.
When He said, “All authority is given unto me in heaven and on earth and I send you out as heralds” then that authority He had is ours, for we stand as His representatives.
No special act on the part of God, no special act or preparation on our part. By faith we accept Christ as our Savior and Lord and when we did, all the wealth and riches in Christ Jesus, His righteousness, His love, all the graces that adorned His beautiful life, are ours, automatically.
We stand, clothed in the rights, privileges, and powers of the Son of God.
Three-fold meaning.
Romans 6:4. 
It is the death and burial of the past.
It is a resurrection into a new relationship.
It is a union with the One in whose Name we have been baptized.
We are baptized into the Name of the Father, with all the privileges that come with a relationship of such as person as the Father-God.
We have died to all our previous relationships. From now on our life is dependent upon Him.
To be baptized into the Holy Spirit means that I have died to my past, my old relationships are severed. I am raised in Him to live and walk in fellowship with Him.
His wisdom is to take the place of my ignorance; His strength the place of my weakness; His goodness the place of my failures.
I am so fully identified and so completely at one with Him that it can no longer be I that live, but He that lives His life in me.
Baptizing into the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ is even richer and fuller than either of these. It comprehends all that is in them, with additions.
Instead of bearing the Name, the Name actually bears and succors us.
We are baptized into His righteousness, His resurrection, power and glory.
Now His righteousness is ours, His grace is ours, His love is ours, His power is ours, yes, He Himself is ours. How rich we are!
To use this Name does not require any special or unusual Faith because it is ours. We do not have to exercise any conscious Faith. All we have to do is to use the Name.
Of His fullness have we all received and grace for grace (John 1:12).
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