The Name in Daily Conflict

The Name of Jesus is the essence of Christianity. This is what distinguishes Christianity from all other religions.

While here in the flesh, Jesus was the all-powerful One. God always heard His prayers, and permitted Him to use Omnipotence as He willed.
Before He went away, He promised that this same Right to use the Omnipotence of  God should be left on earth, available to man.
He told the disciples not to leave Jerusalem until they were endued (clothed) with power from on high. The Holy Spirit was to come upon them and enable them to use His Name in the will of God, so that it would be as though Christ were again in the flesh, exercising this Divine power, only in a larger sense, because there would be so many using His Name.
Filled with the Holy Spirit, they preached in this Name with awesome power.
The sick were healed, demons were cast out, and the dead were raised. In this Name a serpent’s bite became the means of the inhabitants of a whole island receiving Jesus as their Savior.
In this Name came the Gift of Tongues which enabled all nations on the Day of Pentecost to hear the glad news of remission of sins.
All this was in fulfillment of the words spoken by Jesus before His ascension, Mark 16:17-20.
The power was in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit enabled the disciples to use that Name.
All power is in the Name of the risen Man Christ Jesus, Who is seated at the right hand of the Father in the heavens.
The power is not in fasting, not in consecration,not in long prayers, but in the simple Name of Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God.
If we learn to use the Name according to the Word, in the power of the Spirit, we have the secret which shook the world through the apostles.
But how to use the Name? What does the Word tell us about this?
First, we must be a believer, a scriptural believer, a child of God, obedient to the Wod.
Next, we must come to God the Father, through Christ.
Don’t pray to Jesus. Don’t pray to the Holy Spirit. Don’t ask the Father for the sake of Jesus. Just pray IN HIS NAME!
Be definite. Don’t insult the Father by indefinite ramblings, but ask for what you want.
In other words, approach the Father as a son, not as a slave or servant.
You are His child, He is your loving Father. He loves you, you love Him, and you are free and happy in His presence.
Your chief desire is that He may receive glory. So talk plainly with Him. Open your heart, lay your desire before His eyes. Make your case clear. Let Him see that it is for His glory and the good of others.
Then clinch it by making your worthy claim in the Name of His Son Who sits at His right hand, reminding Him of His promise, “Whatsoever yu ask the Father in My Name, He will give it to you.”
Now, you have a clear case; the Lord Jesus is there to present your claim. You have, by asking in His Name, made Christ your Advocate, and now the case belongs to Him.
Your humble, simple prayer, made in this scriptural way, becomes Christ’s prayer at God’s right hand. You drop out of the question, and the mighty Advocate takes your case.
This shows us what power we have up there, and down here.
Be fearless after this. Challenge your mountain in that all-sufficient Name. It must move!
Sin, sickness, circumstance, Satan – all must yield to that Name.
Use this Name though you tremble when you do it. It is not you, but the power behind the Name. You do not need to feel its power – you know it. And everything must flee at this all-conquering Name.
“Hitherto ye has asked nothing in My Name; ask, and ye shall receive, that yur joy be made full.”
This is one of the startling statements of the Gospel. “Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in My Name, that will I do.”
Notice that Jesus said: “You ask, and I will do it.”
This is a most wonderful thing – prayer simplified.
“You do the asking,” Jesus says, “and I will do the doing.”
Jesus says all authority has been given unto Him in heaven and on earth. His power is unlimited. Now He challenges you to do unlimited asking. He is big enough to do anything you ask Him to do. His authority is great enough to see that any request from you is honored.
For that unsaved friend, He says, “You ask for his salvation, and I will do it.”
Your church is cold? Your pastor bound like Lazarus in the grave clothes of convention? You ask,and Jesus says, “I will do it.”
You ask for a revival – Jesus will “do it”.
Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father, and whatsoever you ask of the Father in His Almighty Name, he says, “I will do it.
That loved one is sick? ask for healing, and as surely as God is on His throne, so surely must He do it.
You ask for the finances for that undertaking for the Lord. Your business is to ask, His business is to see that it is done.
Behind everything stand these words of Jesus: “I will do it.”
There is no reason for our weakness; there is no reason for our sickness. There is no reason for a fruitless Church or ministry. You resolve your live into the service of asking – challenging the Omnipotence of the living, reigning Christ, and He will take care of His end of the deal.
You are a partner with Him now; you need not write “limited” to this partnership, because His company is not limited. He is able to meet the demands; He is able to finance any undertaking.
The great and mighty Christ is willing for you to ask that He may give.
Weakness is a crime now. Poverty of spiirt is a sin. All you need to do is ask, and He will act.
Jesus, tell us how to pray. “When ye pray, say, Our Father.”
We are not to pray to Jesus.
That does not exclude the privilege of joy and fellowship and the communion with Him nor the praise and worship of Him, but when we have a special petition, our prayer shall be addressed to the Father, in the Name of Jesus.
Not “for Jesus’ sake”, for that would mean to do it for Jesus’ sake rather than for the sake of the one that needs it.
The prayer should be addressed simply to Our Father, in Jesus’ Name; that guarantees the Father’s answer and Jesus’ endorsement and intercession.
The habit of praying to Jesus is very widespread. But if we want the truth, and if we desire to pray in such a manner that we can be sure of our answer, then we must obey the Scriptures and pray as the Scriptures teach us.
You see, Jesus’ Name was to take the place of Jesus.
What the rod was in the hands of Moses, the Name of Jesus is in the hands of the weakest child of God.
It was not that Moses was great, but that the rod was great. It is not that the believer is great, but that the Name of Jesus is great.
The use of that Name is promised to every believer and every believer has a right to lay hands on the sick in that Name. 
The believer has a right to use it in every condition of life where the Father’s presence and help are necessary.
The fact is that the Name of Jesus in the hands of every believer should be the same as though Jesus Himself were present and operating.
Jesus has given us a legal right to use His Name. He has given to us the Power of Attorney and the Power of Attorney in the legal and business world is identical with the person who gave it.
It is as if Jesus said, “When you pray in My Name, that gives me an opportunity to begin to work, and in that way I may glorify My Father. If you don’t pray in My Name, you don’t give Me an opportunity to manifest My power.”
By praying in His Name, both the Father and the Son become vitally interested in the petition that we make. You are praying to the Father, and you are praying in the Name of His Son.
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