Months in the Hebrew Calendar


Monthly Cycle

     1st of the month – New Moon – Rosh Hodesh (Literallly, Head of the month)
     14th of he month – Full Moon (there are feasts that fall on the full moon – Pesach and the first day of Succoth)

Yearly Cycle of Months – Biblical Calendar

  1. The first month, Aviv (Spring) also called Nissan – the first month of Jewish Kings and Biblical Festivals
  2. The second month, Iyar
  3. The third month, Sivan
  4. The fourth month, Tammuz
  5. The fifth month, Av
  6. The sixth month, Elul – the first month for the tithing of cattle
  7. The seventh month, Tishri – the first month of the civil calendar and also for counting years of Gentile Kings.
  8. The eighth month, Cheshwan / Marcheshwan
  9. The ninth month, Kislev
  10. The tenth month, Tevet
  11. The eleventh month, Shevat – the first month for tithing of trees, the New Year of Trees celebrated today on the 15th Shevat.
  12. The twelfth month, Adar

Yearly Cycle of Months – Civil

  1. Tishri – starts with Rosh Hashanah, the civil New Year
  2. Cheshwan / Marcheshwan
  3. Kislev
  4. Tevet
  5. Shevat The month in which the New Year of Trees is celebrated.
  6. Adar (in certain specified years, defined by the 19-year cycle, an leap month is added after Shevat and is called Adar I, the next month, called Adar II, is treated as the “real” Adar. Thus Purim is celebrated in Adar II in leap years.)
  7. Aviv / Nissan The month in which Passover is celebrated, hence the first month of the calendar of Feasts.
  8. Iyar
  9. Sivan
  10. Tammuz
  11. Av
  12. Ellul The first month of the year for tithing of cattle.
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