Ministering Angels

The purpose of this page is to study ministering angels. Frequently, when we are faced with difficult or dangerous circumstances, we tend to fear or worry. If we are born again, we are heirs of salvation, and we need to remind ourselves that God has appointed angels to minister to us. We shall start our study by looking at the key verse that relates directly to this subject.

Key verse

Hebrews 1:14 KJV. The word “minister” occurs twice in this verse.

  • The first occurrence translates the Greek leitourgikoi (plural) in the sense of ministering angels, doing the duty appointed by God. The Engish word “liturgy” is related to this meaning.
  • The second occurrence translates the word diakonia in the sense of minister to (serving) the heirs of salvation. The English word “deacon” is related to this meaning.

Most times, they are invisible and known by their effects, as when an angel intervenes to protect or save a person in physical danger.
Sometimes they are visible, as ordinary human beings, those around them not suspecting the presence of angels. Genesis 19:4, 10-11. Hebrews 13:2.

Their Functions

  • To Direct. Matthew 1:19, 24; 2:13; Acts 8:26, 29 (In verse 26, an angel directed Philip and in verse 29, the Holy Spirit).
  • To Protect. Daniel 6:22-24.
  • To Provide. 1 Kings 19:5,7; Genesis 16:7,9,11.

What should be our attitude to angels?

  • Angels are ministers of God, sent at God’s initiative … and ours
  • Therefore we should check our own desires that they are in line with God’s Word and Will.
  • We should then pray and also speak the word, expecting divine action

How can we be sensitive to any angel God may send?

Acknowledge him 1 Sam 3:10

  • Exodus 3:1-4. “Turn aside”, pause and notice what’s happening. Discern. Then respond, submit, if you discern that it is God or His angel.

Yield to the Holy Spirit

  • Pray in the Spirit
  • You might experience joy, hearts burning as in Luke 24, or other wholesome emotions or physical sensations.

Every day, praise and worship God – don’t be preoccupied with angels.

  • Daily offer the Sacrifice of praise
  • A Daily attitude of worship will make you more God-centered – you will then be more ready and safe in the event God sends an angel

To sum up: 3 Key Preparatory Principles

  • Seek a Revelation.
    • Daniel 7:15
    • Daniel 8:1, 15, 19
    • Daniel 9:2, 20-23
    • Daniel 10:1-3, 11-12
  • Do your best with all that you know, with all that God has given you, and leave the rest to God.
    • Genesis 16:6
    • Acts 27
  • Dedicate self, place, thing or situation to God
    • Paul: Galatians 1:15
    • Moses: Exodus 2:2-3

Our relations with ministering angels

  • Respect them. Michael the archangel respected even a fallen angel in Jude 1:9.
  • Don’t order them, as is frequently taught and done in “charismatic” circles.
  • If you must speak to or in any other way deal with them, do so in line with God’s Word and Will. John failed here, and fell down before the angel to worship him. This was not in line with God’s Word and Will, and the angel stopped him at once. Revelation 22:8-9.

Ministering angels in context

To set ministering angels in context, we briefly refer to other categories / functions of angels.

  • Worship angels Isaiah 6:1-3.
  • Warring angels. Daniel 10:12-13, 18-20. Revelation 12:7.
  • Presence of God angels. Luke 1:19.
  • Messenger angels. Daniel 8:16; 9:21. Luke 1:26.
  • Fallen angels. Isaiah 14:12. Job 1:6. Zechariah 3:1. Matthew 4:10. Revelation 12:9.
    In these end times, we must be cautious not to be deceived by fallen angels. 2 Corinthians 2:11; 11:14.

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