Man’s Three-fold Nature

God made man tri-partite, body, soul and spirit.

He meant all three to be developed. Luke 2:40, 52.
Jesus grew in stature (body) and in wisdom (soul) and strong in spirit and the grace of God was with Him (spirit), and he grew in favor with man also (social in the realm of the soul).
All three must be developed. Education should be designed to train all three.
To develop only the physical will make man a prize fighter
To develop only the soul will make man an intellectual anarchist.
To develop only the spiritual will make man a fanatic.
God intended all three sides of man’s nature to be developed.
Man’s spiritual nature is capable of culture that will enable him to know go and commune intelligently with Him. It was God’s dream that man should be His companion so his spiritual faculties were originally attuned to the pitch of this dream.
Through the Fall,man was alienated from God. His spiritual faculties were greatly impaired. Yet, through Christ, this lost fellowship is restored.
The supernatural realm is really the realm of the believer. No one knows how much the mind and spirit can be developed. If the body is kept fit and healthy, there is almost no limitation to man’s mental and spirtual development.
Man is spirit, and his spirit nature is his basic nature.
To educate man along intellectual lines, ignoring the spiritual makes man a self-seeking, self-centered being, without sense of relationship and responsibility towards God … and consequently and ultimately to man.
Man becomes lawless – an anarchist.
We cannot ignore the spiritual side of man without magnifying the intellectual and physical. Where there is no restraint of the spirit, the result is to unleash sex passions and give them dominance over the whole man.
There must be a culture and development of the spiritual nature to the point where it can enjoy fellowship with the Father God. 
The miraculous is part of that fellowship.
The spirit of man craves the touch of the supernatural. The love of the miraculous is in man. The spirit of man cannot be analyzed or classified by the mind, for it is above mind,  as God is above the physical nature.
Man’s intellect is ever conscious of supernatural forces about him that he cannot understand or interpret, and that is one reason why he longs to perform miracles.
Man was created by a miraculous, miracle-working Being in His image and likeness. Another reason why he craves to work miracles.
The miracle is the way to bring man to God.
Is there a miracle element in Christianity today? Did miracles end with the death of the disciples? Are the so-called miracles that men claim to perform today fraudulent or purely psychic?
There has come a falling away on the part of the churches.
A falling way into naturalism, existentialism, or even new-age world views.
Modernism and post-modernism form the intellectual environment of today.
They deny the supernatural element in Christianity, and make it a merely ethical religion.
There are Christians who do contend for the original miraculous element in Christianity, but declare that miracles ceased with the death of the apostles, that Christians do not need the miraculous today to convince men of the Deity of Jesus.
Then there is a third group that claims miracles are still being performed, that the sick are healed, that prayers are answered and that God is a living reality in the daily life of the believer.
Meanwhile, Christian Science, Unity, New Thought and Spiritism have shown amazing growth.
The people flocking to them are not the ignorant masses, but the most cultured and wealthy in the land, and their strongest appeal is the supernatural element of their so-called religions or world views. The testimonies of healings by their followers are their strongest asset. This is also true of Theosophy, Scientology, Oshoism, Sokka Gakai, etc.
People will tell you how they were healed and helped by these movements.
This is a libel upon the modern church – it is not only a libel but a challenge.
We have lost the supernatural element of Christianity, and are clinging with trembling hands to a historical Christ that has no power to heal the sick and no ability to meet our daily needs.
The spirit of real evangelism is almost a thing of the past.
We have driven the miracle-working Christ out of the church, and now we are driving those who believe in miracles out of the church.
The movement of people out of the church is their protest against the modern theological thought that dominates the church.
A dead orthodoxy has no resurrection power within it, no miracle working force back of it.
Today people give extravagantly in tithes because they want a little touch of the supernatural God.
Cultured men and women listen to uneducated preachers, because the uneducated preachers have faith in a living God.
When men tell us we do not need miracles today, that education will take the place of miracles, they have not thought through on this subject.
No man can actually live and walk with the Man of Galilee without living in the realm of the miraculous. Jesus is as much a miracle now as ever. and Man needs His miraculous touch now more than ever.
Nothing but a return to this God of Miracles will save our land and nation.
If a preacher has the reputation of acting on James 5:14 or Mark 16:18, he is disqualified for most of the denominational pulpits.
The church is no longer in the grip of God, but under the sway of scholastic intolerance.
Our slogan should be: Back to the Living, Miracle-working, Christ.
People want Him, so they crowd the building where he is allowed to act.
Jesus attracted the multitudes by miracles. Jesus will attract them today.
We have three classes of people today:
First, those in whom the physical dominates. These are governed by their passions, appetites and physical desires.
Second, those in whom the mind dominates. In this class, we have the great financial, educational, social and political leaders.
Third, those in whom the spirit dominates. These are the great spiritual leaders of the church today, men who are seeking to restore man to his original spiritual realm.
When God made man, He planned that man’s spirit should be the dominant reigning force. Sin dethroned the spirit and made the body or mind dominant.
Humanity is divided between those whose minds rule the body and spirit, and those whose bodies rule the mind and spirit. 
Among believers, the spiritual nature should have the ascendancy. For this, Man must have food for his spiritual nature, which must also be exercised, developed, cultured, until it gains the ascendancy.
Where this has become a reality, man shrinks from lawlessness.
Christianity must have a living God in it, One Who rules and demands a certain sacrifice, for religion without self-denial will fail.

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