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Bible Secrets of Long Life

Did you know that God’s Will is for us is not just health, but also for us to have a long and fully satisfying life? God’s promise to us in Psalm 91:16 is: “With LONG-LIFE I will satisfy him and show him My salvation.”
Jesus, our Good Shepherd, said in John 10:10: “I have come that they might have LIFE and have it in abundance.”
Unfortunately there has been little teaching on this subject, and as a result the Body of Christ is largely ignorant about it. In studying it I have been amazed to discover how much scripture there is on long-life and how clear the teaching of the Bible is on it. This section on Long Lifw  is intended to help you discover what God’s Word says about having a long life. It is written to reveal to your heart God’s heart for you, that you have  for a long and blessed life. Knowing this has the potential to lengthen your life on earth!
How can this be possible? Firstly, God’s Word on this subject will renew your mind, and impart FAITH to your heart, so that you can BELIEVE and RECEIVE God’s promises of long-life. Secondly, it will impart the WISDOM that you need to apply to your lifestyle in order to avoid the snares of death and multiply (lengthen) your days on earth. Then you will see these promises come to pass in your life. 
The intention behind this section is to discover from God’s Word: THE BIBLICAL SECRET TO LONG-LIFE. The first SECRET is FAITH in God’s Promises of long-life, as Jesus said: “According to YOUR FAITH let it be done unto you” (Matthew 9:29).  This is an open secret.
We must believe God’s promises for long-life, for our connection with God and His life is our FAITH in His Word, and that faith comes by hearing and receiving His Word (Romans 10:17). So we must build our personal faith by studying and meditating on the long-life scriptures until our heart is firmly established on God’s Word (see Appendix 2).
If you want to live a long and satisfying life, then the place to start is by knowing, believing and confessing God’s Word on the subject. God is faithful to His Word, so as with all of His promises, when He says: “with LONG LIFE will I SATISFY him”, He means what He says. His Word is true and dependable: “ALL the promises of God in Christ (through His death and resurrection) are ‘Yes’ and in Him ‘Amen’, to the glory (manifestation) of God through us” (2Corinthians 1:20). If we ask: is the promise of God for me? God says: ‘Yes!’, and He wants us to add our: ‘Amen!’ in faith-agreement, for then He can bring the promise to manifestation in our life, through us (through our faith).
Therefore long-life is His Will for us and it is an important part of our inheritance in Christ which we need to know about, so that we can lay hold of it and possess it by faith and thereby enjoy this wonderful blessing by having a full and a long life. It is vital we know and believe God’s promises in this area, so that we can have a full and satisfying life, rather than seeing it cut short before we can fulfil our years.We must KNOW God’s Promise on long-life and be fully persuaded of it, before we can embrace (believe we receive) it.
Now if God gives believers promises of long-life (and He does), then surely health, healing and long-life must be His general will for us. But God’s promises of longevity come with conditions, and so they are not fulfilled automatically. Now when God puts conditions on a promise, He is not trying to make it difficult for us to receive it, as if it were not really His will. No! God is not double-minded. The fact that He makes the PROMISE proves that it is His will.
Then because it is His will, He also adds the CONDITIONS to impart to us the WISDOM we need to apply to our lifestyle, so that we can see the promise fulfilled in our life. Thus He shows us what to do and what to avoid, for God knows what will shorten and what will lengthen our life.
In conclusion, God gives us the PROMISE to reveal His will and build up our FAITH to receive the promise, and He gives us the CONDITIONS for the promise to be fulfilled, so that we can WALK in WISDOM, doing those things that will lengthen our life, and avoiding the things that will cut our life short and abort the fulfilment of God’s promise of long-life.
In these pages book we will discover the OPEN SECRET to LONG-LIFE, which includes the FAITH (in God’s promise for long-life), along with a number of passages on WISDOM (the skilful application of God’s Word to our lives). So we will see God’s promises for a long and full life, which will build up our faith. Also we will discover the conditions that we must satisfy in our life for these promises to be fulfilled. We will see the Bible has many promises for us on this issue and much guidance for us to attain a long and full life. 
Study the Word of God until you can hear God say to you: “with LONG LIFE will I SATISFY you” (Psalm 91:16).
When you believe the promises you will be able to confidently say in the face of danger, disease and death:
“I shall not die (young), but (I shall) live (long), 
and declare the works of the LORD” (Psalm 118:17).

Isn’t it appointed unto man to die? 

God’s Promises of Long Life

Long Life Scriptures

Psalm 91 – based on the work of Peggy Joyce Ruth 
She has made the teaching of Psalm 91 the central mission of her life.
Peggy Joyce’s husband is the senior pastor at the Living Word Church in Brownwood, Texas. She has written wonderful books for adults and for youth that go into more depth about the 91st Psalm. You can order a copy of this book or her other books, or contact her at 877-97-books (877-972-6657). Their web site is


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