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Staggs Page on the King James Version Highly recommended! Uses Pure Cambridge Edition.

SwordSearcher Free Bible Software created by Staggs. KJV Bible and KJV Bible plus Strongs dictionary numbers come free with SoulSearcher. After studying the matter closely, Staggs has switched to the KJV Pure Cambridge Edition.

Pure Cambridge KJV download the text in PDF and other formats.

King James Version Dictionary

Archaic Words in the King James Version
329 archaic or obscure words in the KJV explained


The King James Bible: The Answer Book
The Answer Book – a fuller page than the above, from Chick Publications

Website of the author of The Answer Book, Samuel C. Gipp
a former pastor, an evangelist, teacher, author, Bible conference speaker,
part of a panel of defenders of the KJB on the “John Ankerberg Show”.

400th Anniversary (in 2011) of publication of KJV 1611

The KJV Bible from NowTheEndBegins.com (Celebrates the 400th Anniversary, but intends to continue providing information on the KJV to readers of the site “long after the celebration is over”. For this purpose, they provide a link to their series on the King James 1611 Bible.)

Landmark Bible Baptist

Book by Dean Bourgon (Professor at Oxford University) on the textual problem of John 7:53-8:11
also known as The Adultera Pericope (Excellent! Highly recommended!)

Another King James Bible Believer

Dial the Truth Ministries

Articles from Dial-The-Truth Ministries

Fighting Back: A Handy Reference For King James Bible Believers

Old Paths Publicatons: The King James Version Defended

A Creationist defence of the King James Bible

The King James Bible – Jesus Is Savior site

The King James Bible – Jesus Is Lord site

KJV Search Engine

The Message compared with the King James Bible
(shows that The Message is intended to lead the church into mysticism and from there into the united church of the end times, the harlot church) 

Crossroad compares The Message bible with other bibles and shows why it is deficient

Defending the KJV: We have uncovered this historic truth: Jesus protected the text of the KJV!


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