Joan Hunter

Joan Hunter is in the news these days.

For one thing, she’s announced a WorldWide Day of Healing  usually in September.

I’ve provided a link to her own announcement, so you can evaluate what sort of ministry it is. One thing I noticed is that she provides all her teaching against money. She even charges for her ordination of other healing ministers. How does that match up to Peter ordaining Philip, or Paul ordaining Timothy and Titus?

Since Jesus is our standard of conduct, how well does it match up to the Lord’s example and teaching? He said, “Freely you have received, freely give.”

It is immediately obvious that Joan Hunter’s teaching comes from a different source. Mammon?

Anyway, I want to be fair to Joan, so I provide a link to a very positive report which describes Joan’s ministry as one that works in the absence of any hype.

You can find it on Maple Creek News, The report is written by Wayne Lake, who claims to have been a skeptic who thought this ministry’s results were either a case of very good acting by actors who have learned how to fake a healing, or that they were cases of the “power of positive thinking”. Wayne says that he sat three rows away from the front so he could get a good view of any healings. He saw a sincere woman who quietly prayed in the area of the person’s needs, with near instantaneous results (ah well, within a few minutes at most), including people growing in height as their spinal bones were healed.

Jesus however did not lay great store by overt healings. He said that in the day of judgment, many would say, “But Lord, I healed in your name!” and He would answer “Depart from me! I never knew you!” So healing (even real healing) is no great attestation to whether a ministry is of God.

We know that the Anti-Christ will work signs and wonders insofar as to deceive, if possible, the very elect!

That said, let’s look at a report by a charismatic in a magazine called PropheZine. One would hardly say that that publication would be biased against the miraculous. Here’s the article. The topic is Healing and Prosperity Ministries, and the spotlight is on Joan Hunter.

I would have liked to line up Joan Hunter’s teaching against the yardstick of the Scriptures, but I am not about to pay good money just in order to evaluate a false teacher’s output. But as and when I am able to do such an evaluation, I will publish it here.



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