Jewish Links

Jewish Links

Related to the Holocaust

The only existing clip of Anne Frank
The link takes you to opening clip of the Official Anne Frank Channel on YouTube.

Place your leaf on Anne Frank’s Tree

The Secret Annex
You can go inside online and move around it and see it from all angles.

Yad Vashem

Relating to Jewish Feasts

Sabbath Manifesto Sabbath Manifesto on Facebook Unplugging the Sabbath (NYTimes)

Relating to the Temple

Call from Gersom Salomon, Chairman of the Temple Mount Faithful Movement

The Temple Institute

Relating to Judaism

Judaism 101    
Note: Bibloscope is clearly a Christian site, but it is deeply interested in Jewish Roots.
Questions may arise in the minds of some readers who may wish to know what today’s Jews believe
about certain matters. With that in view, I have provided a link that should answer such questions as you may have.
Among other things, it gives the current Jewish calendar, and the international calendar dates for the Feasts of the Lord,
the dates when each Jewish month begins, etc.

The Hebrew Alphabet (just the letters)  

Relating to Jewish Ideas

Jewish Ideas Daily

Today, June 4th, 2012, Jewish Ideas Daily starts a seven-day series son the Six Day War

Relating to Jerusalem

One Jerusalem (standing for Jerusalem as one Jewish city, capital of Israel)

Jerusalem Online

Virtual Jerusalem

Jerusalem360 (requires QuickTime, which you can download from the front page)

3D Israel – Jerusalem

In Israel – 3D Israel


Daily News from Israel

Word from Yerushalayim

The Times of Israel

Jerusalem of Gold the official site of the song

Ofra Haza, Israeli singer, singing Yerushalayim Zahav (Jerusalem of Gold)
Ofra Haza, with sub-titles

Jerusalem of Gold (original recording)

Relating to the Jewish Bible

Gives the whole Jewish Bible, in English, verse by verse, with the books arranged as in the Jewish Bible, that is, ending with 2 Chronicles.
Each verse its own links to rabbinic interpretations, art, research, etc., but there are also links to user-content.
Some verses have no links, presumably because no rabbi has commented on those verses.

Center for Educational Technology
The Jewish center which created and hosts

Relating to Israel History and News


Flash Presentations about the Middle East Conflict

Jewish America
Tour of Jewish History

Honest Reporting
Exposes false reporting in international media

Stand With Us
Mobilizes Israeli university students to stand for truth in the face of politically correct leftist twisting of the facts

Captain Israel
This links to issue No.1 of Captain Israel, a comic-format publication against “venomous BDS” (Boycott Israel, Disinvestment, Sanctions against Israel)

Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center
The name speaks for itself

Jewish and Israel News (Caroline Glick writes for Jerusalem Post, is a Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs at the Center for Security Policy, Washington, DC, has been published in a variety journals including he Wall Street Journal and Washington Times, and appeared on many tv and radio talk shows, )

Melanie Philips’ Blog (Melanie Phillips writes in the Daily Mail, U.K., about Israel issues)

Israel Today

Israel HaYom 

Only Israel – song sung by Yedida Freilich, accompanying herself on the piano.
The theme: “Unless you are Israel, self-defence is a right.” Deservedly, this video has gone viral.

YouTube IDFNA Desk’s Channel: IDF Spokespersons Unit

12 Tribes Films

Israel Video Network

Pajamas Media (PJM) sponsors of PJTV
Pajamas Media began in 2005 as an affiliation of some of the most influential weblogs on the Internet.
It has significantly expanded its reach over the years.
The PJM Portal now provides exclusive news and opinion 24/7 with correspondents in over forty countries. Its distinguished line-up of XpressBloggers is widely respected for their punditry. Pajamas Media also has its own weekly show on Sirius satellite radio – PJM Political.
In September 2008, Pajamas Media debuted its own online television network – PJTV – that broadcasts daily from studios in Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York, Denver, Knoxville and Tel Aviv.

Middle East on the Edge – 2010
Video news and analysis coverage by PJTV

News and Views on Israel, the Middle East, the war on terror
and the clash of civilizations.

Instapundit (a part of Pajamas Media site)

Maoz Israel Website
Maoz Israel Blog
Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America

Media pundits try to convince the reader or viewer they only report the message and deny they have any part in creating it when, in fact, they do both, wittingly or unwittingly. The way media selects news and opinion items and the weight they ascribe to various facets of stories they publish can sway the message

United With Israel


Rockets into Roses
The beauty of the Jewish response to rockets fired from Gaza,
like creating beauty from ashes

Pat Boone, writer of lyrics of the theme song of “Exodus”

Epicenter Links

Joel Rosenberg’s Flashtraffic Blog (news from the epicenter)

Hebrew Language Links

Hebrew Online

Learn the Hebrew Alphabet

Learn Hebrew Phrases

Hebrew Online Blog (English)

Subscribe to Hebrew Newsletter

Hebrew Newsletters

Holy Language

Foundation Stone Course

Ancient Hebrew Research Center

Cartoon Hebrew

Hebrew for Christians  

Edenic (The Language of Adam and Eve – source language of Hebrew … and all languages of the earth, according to the website)

Did one of the many languages that dated back to the time of the Babel confusion remain close enough to the origin (perhaps because Shem and his descendants refused to join in the rebellion), that it can be considered to be the modern version of Edenic? There’s a strong probably that Hebrew is that tongue.
See also these websites: 1, 2, 3, and more will be added.

Messianic Jewish Links

World English Bible (Messianic Edition)

Congregation of YHWH Jerusalem

Jewish Voice

Why Israel (Opinion, Studies, History, and Prophecy) Highly recommended
The Golden Report (Jerry Golden’s ministry to Jews worldwide)
Coffee Talks with Messiah (Jill Shannon’s site: Daughter of Russian Jewish parents, who immigrated to the USA, Jill is now a believer in Yeshua Messiah, and presently resides with her husband in Israel. She is a speaker, singer, and writer. Teaches on Feasts of the Lord, and worship.)

Zion Messianic Fellowship (highly recommended for quality of articles and teaching)

Out of Zion Ministries (founded and led by David and Josie Silver)

Carmel Alert (from Out of Zion Ministries)

Out of Zion has Mike Fryer as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mike is a personal friend of my family.
I provide links to two of Mike’s websites:

The Father’s House

Christians for Zion

Today on Israel, My Beloved (News site and more)

Word from Yerushalayim

Arabs for Israel
This is the voice of Arabs who, by the grace of God, stand for Israel

Forward March Ministries: Why Hebraic Roots

El Shaddai Ministries (a Hebrew Roots Resource and Teaching Ministry) – see also their experimental pilot site which is a more compact version

Good News for Israel (excellent articles, news coverage, etc)

Reggie White’s Spiritual Journey Football hall-of-famer Reggie White, known as the Minister of Defense (because he was a master of defence in football, and a minister of the gospel), went on a spiritual journey in search of the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith. The video is a tribute to Reggie’s Spiritual Journey.

They Thought For Themselves
(a book containing 10 chapters relating how Jewish men and women of today came to faith in Yeshua as Messiah.
This online link includes three additional unnumbered chapters, presumably not part of the earlier print version)
by Sid Roth

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