Identification with Christ

One of the richest facts in the whole Plan of Redemption is the glorious fact of our Identification with Christ.

In the mind of God, we were crucified with Christ, we were nailed to the cross with Him. 
As He was stripped naked and hung there in His shame and disgrace, so we also were stripped naked and hung there for He took our place on the cross.
We died with Christ as He died.
As He died to sin, so we died to sin.
As He died to Satan’s rule, so we died to it.
We were buried together with Him as He went down into the place of suffering and paid the penalty of our sins and union with Satan.
As He put off from Himself the forces of darkness and sin, the sickness and diseases of man, so we put them off in Him. We left them there.
We were raised together with Christ.
He was raised up by the glory of the Father, when He had satisfied the claims of Justice, and had met our great Enemy Satan and his army in the dark regions of hell and conquered them.
He then was made alive in spirit and justified in spirit.
Then He arose, and we rose with Him.
H was raised up because God justified Him and He could not be held longer by death and hell
When He was justified, we were justified in Him.
Wen He was healed of death, we were healed in Him.
When He conquered sickness and disease, so also did we in Him.
To all who are in Christ, disease is a conquered foe.
We are seated with Christ at the Right Hand of God, in the highest place of power in the Universe.
Identified with Him in suffering and shame, and in glory.
Now He gives to us the use of the Name that was conferred upon Him when He had accomplished this mighty work, in satisfying the claims of justice, defeating Satan, and meeting the needs of humanity.
He gives us that Name which is above every Name, the Name to which every knee shall bow and every tongue confess in the three worlds.
In His great grace, He gave us the legal right to use His Name.
He died as our representative; now we live as His representatives.
That Name represents all that He was and is and will be,
all that He ever did and will do.
When, by a thorough understanding of this, we have been ushered into this faith realm, and we use that Name intelligently, all that Name means in heaven, it will mean to us.
He has put absolutely no limitation upon our use of that Name.
The only question is: “Do I understand what God means in giving me the use of that Name?”
We are not to use it as the heathen use their fetishes, but we are to use it in a business sense, the legal sense of power of attorney.
We use His Name representatively.
The sick and afflicted come to us, and healing virtue that is in Christ, that is in His finished work, is available to the sick one in that Name.
Then it is not healing through Christ – that Name becomes Christ, the Healer.
When Jesus was crucified, He took my place as a sinner.
He bore my sins in His body on the tree; He bore my shame that came through my union with Satan; He bore my diseases that Satan had put upon me; He bore my judgment which was mine because of my union with God’s enemy.
When He died, He carried all this off into the land of Forgetfulness and He rose because He had put all this away.
He not only put my sin away, my shame and my diseases, but He put me away, the old me, me the sinner.
He put my sin nature away.
He put my infirmities away along with my sin, sicknesses, and diseases, so that now I stand with Him and in Him as free from them as He was free when He arose.
His justification is my justification. His righteousness is my righteousness. His health is my health. His freedom from Satan’s dominion is my freedom. His freedom from condemnation is my freedom from condemnation. His freedom from infirmities is my freedom from infirmities. In Him I enjoy all that He did and all that He now is.
All that He did He did for me.
Jesus is My Substitute.
If He bore my sins, I do not need to bear them. If He bore my sin nature, I do not need to bear it. If he bore my infirmities, I do not need to carry them. If I DO bear them, then He died for naught.
So when I accepted Him as my Savior, confessed Him as my Lord, and was baptized into His Name, I was baptized into His standing before the Father.
I was baptized into His righteousness that He wrought.
I was baptized into His justification; baptized into His health for the body, soul and spirit; baptized into the victory that He had won over Satan; baptized into the all He means to the Father; for He died representatively for me, and now, He reigns up there, representatively for me.
As He is my  representative u there, now, I am His representative here in the earth.
He has put me, and mine, and all the sin that was in me, away, and He has given me all that was His; all that He did; all that He was, so that “as He is now, so am I in this world.” (1 John 4:17cd)
It does not require any faith on my part to enjoy this, because He gave it to me; it is mine, and what is mine I do not have to have faith to obtain, for I have already obtained it; I am in possession of it.
All I need to do is praise Him for it; and when I praise Him and thank Him for it, then the thing becomes operative in my life.
So now, I stand before God and the angels, yes, and before Satan, clothed in Christ, hidden in Christ, enwrapped in Christ.
Think what that means! His Name is the Name of the Conqueror, and I am baptized into this Name and bear this Name; I bear the Name of the Conqueror.
For as many as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ.”
I have put on Christ. He tabernacles Himself over me.
It is no longer I that live but Christ in me. Gal 2:20.
“Wherefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature.” 2 Cor 5:17.
“In Christ Jesus, neither circumcision nor uncircumcision … but a new creature.” Gal 6:15.
Then I am a new creature, and that new creature is seated with Christ.
“Old things have passed away.”
The old things of weakness, failure, impotence, unbelief, are passed away, while the new things of faith, life, health for body soul and spirit, are mine.
I live in the new realm where the new things are a reality. Gal 2:20.
I do not have to TAKE this position. I am in this position.
I do not have to struggle for it, believe for t, die daily for it.
I am in it. It is mine.
I was born into it when I was born again.
I was baptized into it.
And I am in it. Hallelujah!
This gives me the undisputed Right to the use of His Name and all that Name stands for in Earth, Heaven and Hell.
When one really prays in that Name intelligently, scripturally, and in the will of God, it is as though Christ Himself prayed.
There is no force, might, or authority in earth, air, or hell that can prevent its answer. It simply must come to pass.
In your rights, privileges and authority you approach your mountain and command it in that Name, “Up, hurl yourself into the sea.”
The mountain cannot help it. You cannot help it. All hell cannot help it. It simply must go. Mark 11:23.
Because back of your command lies God’s integrity, His omnipotence, and Christ’s unlimited power, all at your disposal.
The hosts of hell may assault you, but you meet them in that Name that once spread consternation through hell, when He put to naught him that had the authority of death, that is the devil. Hebrews 2:14.
Satan dare not face the warrior who is clothed in Christ’s righteousness, and who knows the power of that mighty Name.
You think your mountain is large, the sea is at a great distance, your own faith is small …
Well, all this may be true, but you have confidence in that Name even if you have not in your own faith.
So, in that great Name command the mountain to go – not in your faith, but in that Name. It will go. It must go!
It is not the quantity of faith, but the place where it is centered.
If you ask in that Name, you are a victor from this hour, whether it concerns money, health, or souls. You cannot fail.
The Mighty Name that heads up all the power of the universe says so, and it must be so.
An unswerving,unconquerable will knows no defeat. You come to your mountain, you know its power, its greatness; you have compassed it more than seven days; you have faced it perhaps for a long period; but the battle must be fought today.
You know you are in His will.
So now you will this mountain to go; your will becomes His will; your command His command.
You say, “In the Name of Jesus, I command you to go.”
That makes Jesus say it, and when He says it that makes the Father say it.
Standing back of you are the union of the Trinity and the power of the Universe.
Your will and God’s will are allied against the enemy. They are now identical.
Through you God is able to fight His enemies. Through you He can act.
Through you He can use His power as He wills to use it.
You hurl that matchless Name of His Son against the hosts of hell, and they will fly in confusion.
You walk among men, as a man of God.
God has put Himself in your hands and says, “Use My Will, Name, Word and Power” and your mountain becomes a plain. Your opponents have to fight God. The battle is His. It is His honor now that is assailed. He fights; men tremble and fall to rise no more.
As the hosts of evil come against you, you gather up your entire moral, mental and spiritual energy, and in the Name of Christ you throw yourself against them.
You are a part of that Name as you are a part of God, so your victory must be complete.
You are identified in Christ in all He is, was, or will be.
Your enemy may be stubborn and resist you, but your will is set. You are going to win, and you literally charge on the enemy in that all-conquering Name.
The enemy may stand for a time, but he must yield; it takes a strong will to hold us quiet in some places, but God can make our wills strong enough to do it.
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You know and have set your WILL to do the will of God; now push your way up through every obstacle that the enemy may place in your way. Gather up all there is in you, and drive your shrinking halting flesh through the briars. It must go – shout your command and stand to it until you are obeyed.
“If he shrink back, my soul hath no pleasure in him,” has spurred me over many a rough place, held me true in some awful hours (says Kenyon).
If you have taken hold of the plough, hold on until the field is finished.
“Every place where your foot shall tread I have given it to you for an INHERITANCE.”
This blessed, inspiring promise greeted Israel as they faced the Promised Land. Foot-prints meant possession, but it must be their own foot-prints.
Our Joshua gives us the same incentive for conquest.
Every promise in the New Testament that we put our feet upon is ours. The rich plain of healing is yours if you will simply put your foot there.
The upland of spiritual power is yours, though Anak may live there. If is yours if you will but go against him and drive him out of his strongholds in the might of the Name.
The size of your inheritance depends upon how much land you have trodden under foot, really stood on, or walked over.
Don’t give up until the last enemy is conquered and is paying tribute to you.
You can claim as many promises and hold them as your property as you have tested and found true.
Every lust and passion can be captured and made a soldier of the cross if you persevere with a will that will not be beaten or driven from the field.
Your interests and God’s are identified, and God cannot see you fail without seeing Himself fail; and this He will now allow.
So, go in this thy might (Judges 6:14) and God will get the glory and you the victory.

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