How discern the wildly popular Beth Moore?

Beth Moore is a widely popular Scripture teacher, specializing in teaching women and girls.

So many charismatic and evangelical churches and preachers seem to have approved her ministry and teaching, that it makes one hesitate to raise even a soft voice of dissent and warning.

Yet I would be letting God down if I don’t flash a warning sign, a clear Caution!

A watchman in the house of the Lord needs to be bold, and fearless of receiving criticism or disfavor.

I did a considerable personal study of Beth Moore’s teaching and ministry on her own site and listened to sharing from friends in my church who have come heavily under her influence. To show that I am not a solitary case of discernment, I give below several links to Bible-based discernment ministries that I approve, who have the same opinion and back it up with evidential detail.

Why I don’t do Beth Moore any more from the Purpose-driven blog

The Slippery Slope of Beth Moore from Rejoice Evermore blog by D. Baker

I particularly draw attention to the Red Flags of Deception page on her blog

Posts about Beth Moore in the Bagpipes blog

Beth Moore’s “Play Date” “Sabbath Moment” with God from Do not be Surprised

Beth Moore is one of SBC’s most well known female authors and Bible teachers. The seeming disregard for something on which the Bible is explicit is unfortunate and more than a little worrisome.

The demonic vision of Beth Moore from Apprising Ministries
Troubled by Beth More’s teaching The first of a 7-part teaching on Beth More from The-End-time blog.

Reactions to Living Proof teaching in Charlotte Part 1 The first of a 4-part report from The-End-time blog
Beth Moore’s books are examples of channeling on par with Walsch, Young and Victorian channeling authors The first of a 4-part evidential series.

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