About Bibloscope

Obviously, from the name, this site has to do with the Bible. Obviously too, it is about my ways of looking at (scoping) the Bible.

In one sense, everything that has to do with the Bible is of interest. But obviously, this is not an encyclopedia site.

So what sort of site is it?

It is an intensely personal site that offers ways of looking at the Bible that I find helpful for personal needs, and, I would think, would also be a blessing to others.

It is my vision to add pages that will cover the “whole counsel of God”. For this purpose, I will again and again visit every part of the Bible, but from a different point of view, for example, looking at a single topic like grace in the light of the whole Bible, likewise, Israel, the church, the end times, financial issues, etc.

The site is organized into a number of “scopes” you will see in the menu. If you hover the mouse over a menu item, you will see a brief statement of what the link is about. Click on it, and it will open a page which starts with a fuller explanation of what that section is about, followed by its actual content.

Some of these pages will have a large number of links, “Microscopic Views” (coming up) is about single verses or short passages, while “Kaleidoscopic Views” (coming up) looks at verses and passages from different parts of the Bible to cover a given topic of interest, as listed in the links on the Kaleidoscopic Views page.

When in distress, go to Periscopic Views (coming up shortly).

When you want to deepen your relationship with God, go to Bathyscopic views (coming up shortly).

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