Healing Scriptures from the Gospels

Matthew 4:23-24 Jesus heals all diseases, paralytics, insane, possessed
Matthew 8:2-4 Leper questions Jesus’ will to heal, hears and gets healed
Matthew 8:5-13 Centurion believes for his paralyzed servant’s healing
Matthew 8:14-15 Peter’s mother-in-law healed of a fever
Matthew 8:16-17 All sick and possessed healed, Isaiah 53:4 confirmed
Matthew 8:28-32 Two demon-possessed Gergesenes delivered
Matthew 9:2-8 Paralyzed man lowered through roof and healed, scribes grumble
Matthew 9:18-25 Ruler’s daughter raised from the dead, woman with issue of blood healed
Matthew 9:27-30 Two blind men healed by their faith
Matthew 9:32-33 Dumb (speechless) man speaks when delivered from demon
Matthew 9:35 Jesus heals every sickness and disease
Matthew 10:1 Disciples empowered to cast out evil spirits and heal every kind of disease
Matthew 10:7-8 Jesus commands disciples to preach and heal the sick
Matthew 11:4-5 Miracles of healing cited as proof Jesus is the Messiah
Matthew 12:10-13 Man with withered hand healed on the Sabbath
Matthew 12:15 Jesus heals all in multitudes who follow him
Matthew 12:22 Blind, dumb (speechless) and demon-possessed man healed
Matthew 13:15 Be converted and understand and God will heal you
Matthew 13:54-58 Jesus can do no mighty works in his own country because of unbelief
Matthew 14:14 Jesus heals the sick in a great multitude
Matthew 14:35-36 All those diseased brought to Jesus’ and healed after touching his clothes
Matthew 15:22-28 Canaanite woman gets deliverance for demonized daughter
Matthew 15:30-31 Great multitudes, maimed, dumb, blind, lame healed
Matthew 17:14-21 Disciples fail to cast demon out of boy, Jesus succeeds
Matthew 19:2 Jesus heals great multitudes who follow him
Matthew 20:30-34 Two blind men healed
Matthew 21:14 Blind and lame healed in the temple
Matthew 27:52-53 Saints resurrected

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