HaShoah – the Holocaust

This page is under construction. The intention is to include Biblical material on the prophecied holocaust, and the survival of the Jewish people.

But for a start, Nissan 27 (April 18-19, 2012) Israel observed Hashaoh Holocaust Remembrance Day.

I found the following links both inspiring and moving, and it is my joy to include them at the very start of this page.

The Baker’s Tale   
How a German baker came to be certified by COR (Council of Orthodox Rabbis) for Kosher breads

The Brides of Bergen-Belsen 
What did it take for emaciated women who survived the holocaust but had lost all family members, what did it take for them to decide to get married in the very year of their liberation 1946? what courage, what fears, what motivations?

Marked for Eternity  
Jewish story from the Titanic – a story of Titanic proportions

Holocaust Survivor Eva Braun tells her story – page includes a video link

This is Eva Brown’s website

This morning I received the following in an email from Mark Evans:

Yesterday, as the world marked Holocaust Remembrance Day, Alice Herz-Sommer, believed at 108 years of age to be the oldest living Holocaust survivor, did what she does every day. In her small apartment in London, she played the piano. Neighbors and passers-by listened outside the window to the music that filled the air. Herz-Sommer says, “I love people, and every day in life is beautiful!”

Like so many others who lived through those terrible years, this dear lady understands all too well the reality of evil. And sadly that evil is not just historical; it is very real right now. Today the Jewish people once again face the threat of extinction.  This is our Esther moment, and we must not miss it! We must stand before the King for the Jewish people in their hour of peril. We MUST show God’s Chosen People that their Christian friends are standing with them during this crisis.

Read more about Alice Herz-Sommer in the amazing, thrilling and beautiful links below.

I played Chopin as they sent my parents to their deaths – the inspiring, no awe-inspiring true story of Holocaust Survivor and concert pianist Alice Herz-Sommer

Never too old: Words of Wisdom from Alice Hertz-Sommer article in Huffington Post.

Corrie Ten Boom, another amazing woman of God, carrying a message of peace and forgiveness.

Go on a Virtual Tiour of the Corrie Ten Boom Museum
slow- loading but excellent if you have the time or a fast connection. Alternatively go to
Corrie Ten Boom’s website

These Holocaust links were posted previously in Useful Links: Jewish Links  at the start of the page under Related to the Holocaust

The only existing clip of Anne Frank
The link takes you to opening clip of the Official Anne Frank Channel on YouTube.

Place your leaf on Anne Frank’s Tree

The Secret Annex
You can go inside online and move around it and see it from all angles.

Yad Vashem


Muslim Heroism in the Holocaust  
70 Muslims were honored at Yad Vashem as among the Righteous of the Nations
for hiding Jews from German authorities at risk to their own lives.


Netanyahu’s Holocaust Speech (2012)

Bibi back on Times Most Influential List


Reflections on the Holocaust from Kehilat Ariel Messianic Synagogue


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