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February 29, 2012

(From Israel Update)

We have entered the Hebrew month of Adar on February 22. Thursday begins the month of March according to the Gregorian calendar. Although it will necessitate this week’s Update being more lengthy than usual, we have thought it important to include a link to an internal page based on an email I received today, which contained a special analysis and direction for prayer this month written by  Rick Ridings. Rick and his wife Patti are founders and senior overseers of Succat Hallel, a 24/7 worship-intercession ministry in Jerusalem.


Today Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak leaves for Washington for conferences with Vice President Biden, US Secretary of Defense Panetta and National Security Advisor Tom Donilon and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper (Barak was in Washington only two months ago, and recently hosted the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff in Israel). He will return to Israel on Thursday to brief PM Netanyahu before both the Prime Minister flies to Washington to take part along with Israeli President Shimon Peres in the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). While in the Capital, both leaders will confer with American President Barak Obama-Peres on Sunday, Netanyahu on Monday. The frequency of such high-level talks between the two countries is being called “unprecedented”. The Prime Minister leaves no doubt that while addressing “the deplorable massacres that we see being perpetrated against innocent civilians in Syria”, his talks with the American President will center around “the continued strengthening of Iran and its nuclear program”. We see these meetings in Washington as of critical importance, and believe it crucial that they be attended by much prayer.

This week the U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency released an extremely troubling quarterly report to the effect that Iran has significantly increased the pace of its uranium enrichment program, having produced almost 110 kg of uranium enriched to 20% since 2010 (Around 250 kg is needed for a nuclear weapon). On Tuesday, even as American intelligence analysts reported that they see no hard evidence that Iran is intent on building an atomic weapon, the wife of Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, a top Iranian nuclear scientist assassinated in Tehran in January, stated that her husband’s ultimate aim in his work had always been the annihilation of the Zionist regime (Israel).that he had often expressed to her his desire to become a martyr to this cause.

We find it significant that on his way to Sunday’s meeting in Washington, Prime Minister Netanyahu will stop first in Ottawa Thursday evening to consult with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a man with whom the Israeli premier feels perhaps more acceptance and friendship than with any other national leader. Mr Harper, whose strong commitment to his Christian faith is well known, has often gone “against the flow” by taking stands on Israel’s behalf, both in his own government and in meetings of the G-8.

As Israel’s Defense Minister, her Prime Minister and her President are engaged in high-level talks in Washington this and early next week,


* That the Holy Spirit of God will overshadow the leaders conferring in Washington. That angels will be released to fight on behalf of the counsels of the LORD as opposed to those of man (Psalm 33:10-11). That the Fear of the Lord will be over each of these council meetings.

*That there will be a unity in the messages and bearing of Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Peres. In 1981, Peres was publically against the bombing of the Iraqi reactor at Osirak, even sending a last-minute plea to PM Begin not to allow it. This past week a HaAretz report claimed that Peres was expected to tell the US President that he believes Israel should not attack Iran in the near future. Peres’ office has denied this, yet it has already awakened suspicion amongst other leaders here. Under Israeli law, it is the elected government headed by the Prime Minister which makes decisions and negotiates and discloses policies, not the office of President, whose duties are primarily ceremonial.

*There has been much pressure on Israel to reveal her intentions regarding the Iranian threat. Pray that any Israeli state secrets or plans which need to be guarded will not be divulged. In an intercession meeting in Jerusalem Friday, we were reminded of Judges 16:16 where Samson resisted telling Delilah the secret of his strength, but “when she pressed him hard with her words day after day, and urged him, his soul was vexed to death.and he told her all his heart”-and II Kings 20:12-19 where Hezekiah unwisely showed the Babylonian envoys “all that is in his house; there was nothing in his storehouses that he did not show them.” Pray that God will stop any mouths from speaking that which would bring harm to His purposes for Israel or the United States at this time.

*For Prime Minister Netanyahu’s meetings with Prime Minister Harper, that their trust be strengthened; that Words of Wisdom and courage to be released to Mr Netanyahu by the Canadian leader.



Word from Rick Ridings, Jerusalem


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