God’s Big Guns for Worry


Now that you know what are the “toy guns”, the question is how do you find the power to put them down? and the next question is does the Bible have a
prescription that will deal with the issues (fears, panics, etc.) of daily life?

The answer to that next question, you will be delighted to know, is Yes! 

If you’ve read about the power of negative emotion to protect you from the divided-mind syndrome, you’re ready for this page.

It’s time to answer the question: Does the Bible have a prescription that will deal with the issues (fears, panics, etc.) of daily life?

There is a prescription – call it a chemistry formula (if you will) – in Philippians 4.

The formula can be expressed thus:

2Re + Mo + HP – DM + Pr + Su + Th → P


2Re = Rejoicing (double strength)
Mo = Moderation
HP = His Presence
DM = Repent of Double-Mindedness
Pr = Prayer
Su = Supplication
Th = Thanksgiving

These elements when compounded together in the fire of the Holy Spirit
produce an extraordinary Peace that transcends human understanding.

By the time we are through, and perhaps even before we are through, you will
be solidly built “on the rock” of a peace that cannot be comprehended by
human beings because founded on a Rock that is not physical but that exists
in a supernatural dimension: the Rock which is Messiah, and the Rock which
is His Word, even as He Himself is the Word of God.

This formula can also be thought of as a batle strategy for daily battles.


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