Five Priorities

The first priority is God

The second is the family (husband, wife, children)

The third is the church (family of God)

The fourth is the Jewish people (people of God), and Israel (land of God)

The fifth is the world (for showing mercy to and loving the neighbor as ourselves) through evangelism


To realize God’s desires for ourselves and our ministry, we commit to the following Five Priorities – five fundamental commitments which we believe should be progressively practiced and experienced in our lives:

  1. Deepening relationship with God through Jesus Christ, through praise and worship, prayer and intercession, listening to God, devotional Bible reading and serious Bible study.
  2. Deepening biblical relationships within our own families.
  3. Deepening loving, serving relationships within our immediate local church family and the wider Church, Christ’s Body in the world.
  4. Deepening love, prayer, and acceptance, for the Jewish community and the Land of Israel.
  5. Commitment to ministry in the world outside of the immediate church, immediate neighborhoods and wider communities, by helping care for those in need or distress, and by helping spread the Biblical Gospel to the world.

These Five Priorities are implied in the structure of the Doctrinal Statement in Bibloscope (being edited for accuracy for inclusion in this site)

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