False Heavens

New Thought views of Heaven

Pagan mythologies of Heaven

New Age views of Heaven

“Christian” testimonies narrating visions  or supposed ‘tours” of false Heavens

I remember meeting Dr. Richard Eby in Seoul, South Korea. When I was introduced to him, I asked whether he was the one who was caught up into paradise. He answered with an engaging smile. “I am that tourist. But I forgot to take my kodak.”

You can read more about how Dr. Eby became a false prophet by being himself deceived in this excellent site.

I was so impresed to have personally met a man who had been to heaven and come back with a message for earth in thee last days. Years later, I realized Eby was unwittingly a false prophet. I doubt that he was a deceiver, but he was certainly deceived, therefore his teachings were deceptions. That was one of the realizations what brought me to a conviction of the importance of Discernment in these days of rampant deceptions.

And here’s an excellent page on why “Heaven is so real” is a book to be concerned about

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