Faith Links

The Last Reformation Amazing videos, amazing Biblical teaching. Highly recommended.
Clearly God is beginning to move, outside the existing waus pf “doing church”.

A Multi-Choice BIble Quiz on the Law of Faith (Logos Apostolic Church)

The Law of Faith (Logos Apostolic Church


Daily Light on the Daily Path


Keys to Long Life 
(HTML version of book by Derek Walker, Pastor of Oxford Bible Church)

The Life of Prayer by A. B. Simpson

Books by A. B. Simpson (a whole library of his faith inspiring books)

The Authority of the Intercessor by J. A. MacMillan

The Authority of the Believer by J. A. MacMillan (a rich site, includes articles and a library of excellent books; also a blog)


The Final Frontier 
Some of the stories are of people whose theology I question so please exercise discernment. Ditto for the next one.

Beyond the Final Frontier


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